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OT Mom Learning Activities Home Page

Fine Motor Activities
Free Fine Motor Activities to try at home with your child to help improve Handwriting skills!

Pencil Grasp
All you need to know about pencil grasp

Gross Motor Activities
Gross Motor Activities should be an essential part of every child’s life.

Coordination Skills
Improve Your Child's Coordination Skills

Hand Dominance
What is hand dominance and why is a dominant hand important? Find out these answers and more!

Crossing the Midline
Find out why crossing the midline is so important and how it develops

Sensory Processing Disorder
Information and helpful links dealing with SPD

Free Teacher Resources
Free Teacher Resources and OT Activities - suitable for Preschool, Kindergarten and Early Elementary teachers.

OT Mom E-books
OT Mom'e e-books have been designed for parents to use at home with their kids.

Christmas Activities For Kids
Try these Christmas activities for kids, and build their skills at the same time!

More about OT Mom
Find out more about the Occupational Therapist and Homeschooling Mom behind this website.

Contact OT Mom
This is a site written for parents, by a parent, and I would love to hear and respond to any comments, queries or requests you may have.

Parent Support
Join our free Parent Support to share your experience; and offer encouragement, support and tips to help other parents.

Legal Stuff
Find out more about how we put your privacy first and other Legal Stuff.

Site Sponsorship
Find out how to advertise on this site

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