Fine Motor Skills Worksheets

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printable fine motor skills worksheets

You can make use of these fine motor skills worksheets to help develop your child's fine motor skills!

I always recommend that children take part in lots of hands on activities to strengthen their hand and finger muscles before using worksheets.

But there is a time and place for using desktop activities, and these printable downloads may be useful to help your child practice fine motor skills.

Some of these worksheets make use of fine motor items such as hole punchers, playdough and paper crumpling, while others will give your child practice in using a pencil or crayon neatly.

Most of these products have been developed by fellow therapists over at Your Therapy Source. I first bought their products for myself,  before requesting to be able to promote them on my site. So although these are affiliate links for which I may get a small commission, they are products that I have personally used and trust.

Don't forget that scissor cutting is a very important part of fine motor development, so I have linked to some scissor skills e-books as well.

Fine Motor Skills Worksheets That I Use:

Hole Punch Palooza

Hole Punch Palooza can give your child a great fine motor workout with a paper puncher!

Only $4.99!

This download consists of 14 pages containing over 100 hole-punch strips that include capital letters, lowercase letters, visual discrimination, counting and more.

The idea is that the child uses the hole punch to punch through the letter/number/shape that matches the one being taught on the strip.

hole punch palooza fine motor worksheet downloads

There are a number of similar looking letters/numbers/shapes on the bottom of each strip, and your child must only punch out the ones that are an exact match.

Fine Motor Skill Learned:

This activity helps to strengthen the hand muscles while opening and closing a single hole paper punch. In addition, both hands are working together in a coordinated way to hold the paper while manipulating the hole punch.

Additional Skills:

If your child traces and copies the letter/number/shape in the block given, then your child will also be working on some visual motor skills. In addition, this activity can encourage your child to work from left to right, both in visually scanning the row of letters/numbers/shapes and also in punching the holes.

These fine motor skills worksheets could also help boost visual discrimination skills, as the child needs to identify the correct letter/number/shape among similar/reversed/inverted options.

Size: 2.4MB


The pages are all in black and white, and an adult can cut the pages into strips ahead of time. I personally prefer using thicker paper (double the usual thickness) for better control of the strip, especially for younger children, but regular paper does work just fine in most cases. You may reprint this resource as often as you need to.

Only $4.99!

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Color Coding

Although I use this resource for visual perceptual skills, there are a lot of pages that can be used to help kids develop better fine motor skills and pencil control.

Only $4.99!

For children who are working on pencil control, these worksheets could be useful to do after you have completed some hand and finger exercises.

Your child can color work on coloring inside the lines with small shapes, or trace shapes, numbers and letters on lines.

I like to put these worksheets on a vertical surface to maximize a good wrist position and to help the child isolate finger movements.

Because these fine motor skills worksheets are really simple, your child can concentrate on mastering pencil control.

Additional Skills:

I also use these worksheets to boost visual perception skills with preschoolers. You can read more about the visual perceptual aspects over here (where I also link to the bundle deal that includes this download)

Size: 1.7MB

Printing: Although the pages are color coded so the child can see which shapes/letters should be which color, I personally printed the pages in black and white, and marked the color with felt tips after printing. You may reprint this resource as often as you need to.

Only $4.99!

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Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic Patterns gives a variety of sample pictures made from color dots; and black and white outlines of the same pictures for kids to copy.

Only $3.99!

I recommend these printables elsewhere for visual perceptual skills. But I actually use them more as fine motor skills worksheets.

Paper crumpling is a great activity to use with younger children, as shown alongside. This is also great for kids whose fine motor skills are poor. Follow the paper crumpling instructions on this page, and then stick the paper balls onto the mosaic picture of your choice.

The other suggestions in this download include using playdough balls and stickers to cover the dots, which are also fun for younger kids.

Older kids who are working on more advanced fine motor activities can color in a few dots at a time using circular motions of the pencil.

Working on a Mosaic Pattern Picture

This is a great way of helping kids develop better pencil control. I always start with some finger exercises as a warm-up before doing dot pictures.

Additional Skills:

If you choose to have your children copy the colors on the sample pages, they will be using some visual perceptual skills such as visual discrimination, position in space and spatial relations, in order to match their dot colors up with the sample picture.

Size: 19MB


There are small, medium and large pictures available, and you can print just the black and white ones for your child to work on, and/or the color samples for your child to copy. You may reprint this resource as often as you need to.

Only $3.99!

FYI, this download is included at a 30% Discount in the Preschool Budget Visual Perception Bundle!

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Graph Paper Pictures

These graph paper drawings can help to boost pencil control as well as visual-motor integration and copying skills!

Only $3.99!

The drawings are presented in two different formats: completing half a picture and copying a complete picture.

Either option can be used to help kids work on pencil control.

I always start with some finger exercises as a warm-up before doing graph paper pictures.

And I recommend only coloring a few blocks at a time until your child builds up endurance, as this activity can be very tiring. However, it is very effective!

If you want to use this download for visual-motor skills as well, then read my instructions over here.

Size: 1MB

Using Graph Paper Pictures for Pencil Control

Printing: Black and White. You may reprint this resource as often as you need to.

Only $3.99!

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Awesome Cutting Practice Printables!

Does your child need more scissor cutting practice? Are you struggling to find good scissor cutting templates?

OT Mom’s compilation of fun cutting templates will give your child lots of cutting practice with lovely end products to build your child’s confidence!

Suitable for a range of skills - from preschoolers who are just learning to use scissors, all the way to early elementary kids who need more practice with their scissor skills.

There are 19 different scissor cutting crafts, all with photographed instructions and a variety of templates - over 50 templates in all!

fun scissor cutting templates to download and print

Starting with simple snipping activities, the templates will enable your child to learn to cut on straight lines and then to cut out shapes. All the activities are photographed so you and your child can see what you are working towards!

View my Fun Cutting Practice Templates now!

Thank you so much for visiting - I hope you found this page of fine motor skills worksheets helpful!

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