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printable visual motor worksheets

Looking for printable visual motor worksheets?

On this page I review a variety of visual motor e-book downloads  that can be used to help develop your child's visual-motor integration skills.

All the e-books contain worksheets which range from easy to difficult, so each child from Kindergarten through Early Elementary can start right where they are at in each book and progress from there.

The wide variety will keep your child interested and focused - use a worksheet from a different book each day!

But before you start... have you done any other visual motor activities with your child? Visual-motor integration is an important preskill for handwriting, but it cannot be developed just by doing visual motor worksheets.

Read my indepth article on visual-motor integration first, and try out some of the activities suggested. Then come back to hone your child's skills with these pencil-and-paper worksheets.

Visual Motor Worksheets

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Visual Motor Exercises

All pages are in black/white - I added a little color to some pictures with a felt tip marker before laminating.

Only $4.99!

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My children love these LONG visual motor activities. We print them out, stick them together and laminate them to make them last.

Kids are encouraged to work from left to right, cross their midline, and develop visual-motor integration skills.

When I use them, I have the child go over the path a number of times with different colors of wipe-clean markers.

There are 25 long mazes and patterns of various difficulty, and once the pattern is assembled (very easy to do) it is 28 inches long!

Included in the Visual Motor Bundle Deal at a 30% discount! Also included in the Preschool Visual Motor Bundle Deal.

Size: 9MB
Printing: Black and White. (I added color to the paths with a marker before laminating.)  You may reprint this resource as often as you need to.

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One of the best value-for-money books with 50+ worksheets that address a whole range of visual perceptual skills.

Only $4.99!

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Patterns of objects make up the majority of the worksheets (hence the name!)

The first 8 pages of visual discrimination worksheets involve visually scanning from left to right in order to find the given items, so I would recommend that you sit opposite your child to make sure he/she is scanning to find the objects and not jumping all over the place visually.

There are worksheets that require figure-ground perception and visual closure.

There are quite a few worksheets that practice visual-motor skills. If your child has poor pencil skills: he/she can point out the answers, or trace with their fingers.

There are visual motor puzzles in grid format where the child needs to copy lines or shapes in a grid - for these, two copies can be made, cutting one set out, and having a child with poor pencil skills position the pictures correctly instead of drawing them.

Size: 3 MB
Printing: All pages are in black & white. You may reprint this resource as often as you need to.

Included in the Mini and Mega Visual Perceptual Bundles and in the Visual Motor Bundle at a 30% discount!

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Follow The Path

Laminate these to be used as write-and-wipe activities.

Only $3.99!

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Although "dot pictures" can be found in standard form all over the internet, these ones are MUCH more appealing for the child, as they have tiny pictures (such as a mouse and cheese) which need to be linked up via a path.

So instead of copying boring lines from dot to dot, your child will be motivated to take the mouse to his cheese by copying the path! The small images are found on both the original path and on the blank dots that the child must copy.

These visual motor worksheets are graded from easy (vertical and horizontal lines) to more difficult (diagonal lines) to quite challenging, with different pictures used for each increase in difficulty.

Included in the Visual Motor Bundle Deal at a 30% discount!

Size: 5.5 MB
Printing: B&W is good. Only the tiny images on each page are in color, and it is easy enough to color those in with a marker. You may reprint this resource as often as you need to. I also laminated these pages to use them over and over!

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Monster Mazes

Designed for use inside CD cases (a novel idea for write on-wipe off), they can also be used as they are, which is 2 activities on a page.

Only $3.99!

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The title "mazes" is a bit inaccurate, as it leads one to believe these are mazes for figure ground perception, Although some of the activities do have overlapping lines which require figure-ground skills, this is actually a lovely collection of graded visual motor activities that range from easy to quite tricky

Kids can practice vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved lines; circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and hearts.  There are also some more advanced visual motor and visual spatial activities for older kids to do. 

The monsters are very cute and not at all scary! Included in the Visual Motor Bundle Deal at a 30% discount!

Size: 8MB
Printing: Although the monsters are in color, which adds interest, the pages print well in Black and White. Only a handful of the almost 40 activities need color printing.  You may reprint this resource as often as you need to.

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Crossing Paths

A great bargain buy for visual motor worksheets with a difference.

Only $1.99!

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Motor planning, visual motor and visual scanning skills are needed to get the frog or car to their destination, going through numbered objects in sequence.

The 24 puzzles are graded from easy to difficult. Laminate them and use wipe-off markers so a child can erase mistakes and replan their paths.

Included in the Visual Motor Bundle Deal at a 30% discount!

Size: 8 MB
Printing: The pages are all in color, but still print well in black and white. You could print your favorites in color and then laminate them to save costs. You may reprint this resource as often as you need to.

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Grid Drawing

Great for visual-motor integration and copying skills!

Only $2.99!

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These grid drawings are presented in both color and black&white versions, and range from easy (where a child only has to add a couple of small lines to complete a drawing) to difficult (where the child needs to pretty much copy the entire drawing on the grid alongside), so it is good for a range of ages and skills.

This set of visual motor worksheets also require an element of spatial perception as well as visual discrimination to see which lines are missing. Encourages attention to detail.

Size: 23MB
Printing: There are color and black and white versions of each grid, so you can choose which you prefer.

Included in the Drawing Bundle Deal at a 30% discount!

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Graph Paper Drawings

Great for visual-motor integration and copying skills!

Only $3.99!

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These grid drawings are presented in two different formats: completing half a picture and copying a complete picture.

Complexity ranges from simple 4-by-4-block grids to more complex grids, and includes vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. Your child will be tracing along the lines, and/or going from corner to corner for diagonal lines.

At the beginning, your child will need to be prompted to start and stop on the corners, to plan the direction of the line and to copy one line at a time.

These visual motor worksheets make a great companion to Grid Drawings above - you can alternate the easy pictures from each book and then increase to harder worksheets from each book, to hold your child's interest. (The Grid Drawings book contains curved lines and can therefore more challenging than this one at times.)

Included in the Drawing Bundle Deal at a 30% discount!

Size: 1MB
Printing: Black and White. You may reprint this resource as often as you need to.

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Let's Hang Out

Learn to draw simple figures.
Great for visual-motor integration and copying skills!

Only $1.99!

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This cute pack helps your child learn to draw simple figures with step by step instructions. Your child will be using visual-motor integration and copying skills to add the lines to each step of the drawing until it is completed.

Tip: Many children with visual motor integration delays will find this quite tricky and will need help working out where to start on the page, how long to make their lines etc. Sit with your child for the first sheet or two, and give some verbal assistance like "do you think you drew the arm as long as that one? Should we draw it longer?", "Where on the page does the head go - all the way up there or down a little?"

The dual format allows you to either do the drawings on their own, or to do the drawings as part of a hangman game. (There are even letters to trace at the bottom to help your child along in the hangman game). There are 10 sheets of each, helping your child learn to draw a dog, cow, cat, monkey, lion, butterfly, boy, girl, princess and surfer.

I personally really like the individual drawing sheets, and this is a bargain price! Included in the Drawing Bundle Deal at a 30% discount!

Size: 2.5 MB
Printing: Black and White. You may reprint this resource as often as you need to.

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Visual Motor Worksheets Bundle Deal!

Only $13.95

(Actual Value $19.95)

  • Visual Motor Exercises
  • Patterns
  • Follow the Path
  • Monster Mazes
  • Crossing Paths

Add To Cart

This awesome bundle will help children from Kindergarten through Early Elementary to work on their visual motor skills with a range of different activities.

An effective 30% discount on individual titles when purchased through the bundle deal!

Use a worksheet from a different book every day to keep your child interested and focused!

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Drawing Bundle Deal!

Help your child learn to draw with this discounted range of printables,
which includes:

  • Grid Drawing
  • Graph Drawing
  • Let's Hang Out

Only $6.28

(Actual Value $8.97)

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The Graph Paper Drawing e-book will help your child learn to copy drawings on graph paper, using straight lines.

The Grid Drawing e-book will help your child master curved lines within grids, beginning with adding just a few lines to complete a drawing, to drawing an entire picture grid by grid.

You can alternate the easier drawings from Graph and Grid Drawings, and then move onto more challenging drawings from each one.

Let's Hang Out will help your child to copy simple cartoon-style line drawings step by step.

30% Discount on individual titles when you purchase them in this Bundle Deal!

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Looking For More Printable Worksheets?

I hope that you will find these visual motor worksheets as helpful as I did!

Thank you for visiting my site!

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How These Visual Motor E-books Work:

These e-books were designed and compiled by a team of  pediatric therapists and special education teachers over at Your Therapy Source. I am grateful for their hard work and generosity at making these worksheets available in e-book format.

You are allowed to print as many copies as you need for the children in your family, classroom or therapy room, so they are great value for money.

I have tried all these e-books myself and believe they are well worth the tiny investment if you want to improve your child's visual motor skills. The e-books are available individually, but first check out the great bundle deals that are exclusive to OT Mom's readers!

If you are looking for free resources, there are lots of free activities on my site, just search with the box at the bottom of this page!

Click on the "Add to Cart" button for the e-books you want, and once your order is complete, pay for it and then you will receive download links for the e-books, which come in PDF format. Save them to your PC and then print out the pages as and when you need them.

Honesty Point

As an affiliate for Your Therapy Source, I will receive a small commission on the sale of any of these visual perceptual skills e-books if they are purchased from my site. However, the reviews are all mine and completely honest. I had found and used their products before requesting to make these e-books available to my visitors.

Thank you for supporting my site!

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