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Visual Discrimination Activities

Visual discrimination actvities can help to give your child a good foundation for reading and writing!

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Preschool Visual Discrimination Activities

These free preschool visual discrimination activities will help your child learn to pay attention to details, in preparation for reading skills.

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Printable Visual Perceptual Worksheets

My Recommendations: The BEST printable visual perceptual worksheets to improve your child's visual processing skills.

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Best Learning Gifts for Kids

10 best learning gifts for kids to help your child develop skills while still having LOTS of fun!

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Handwriting Heroes Letter Formation Printables

Help your child master letter formation and handwriting in just 5 weeks with these printables from Handwriting Heroes!

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Preschool Gross Motor Activities Can Prepare Your Child For School

Help develop your child's school readiness skills by including preschool gross motor activities in their daily routine!

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Fun Shoulder Exercises For Kids - Free!

These simple shoulder exercises for kids can help improve upper body strength, which can support fine motor development.

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Bilateral Integration Activities For Kids

Free ideas! Use these simple bilateral integration activities at home to boost your child's coordination skills!

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¿Por qué es Importante Fortalecer el Core de los Niños?

¿Por qué es importante fortalecer el core de los niños y aumentar su estabilidad?

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Core Strength and Core Stability for Kids

Find out why core stability and core strength are important for kids - and how to help your child.

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