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Visual Perception Activities For Older Kids

Have fun while building skills with these visual perception activities for older kids!

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Benefits of Chores for Kids

There are many benefits of chores for kids - chores can help with gross motor skills, coordination skills and more!

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Best Brain Breaks For Kids

Here are my favorite printable brain breaks for kids of all ages to do in the classroom or at home!

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Free Playdough Activities With Maximum Benefit!

Use these free playdough activities to help build your child's fine motor and bilateral coordination skills!

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Visual Motor Activities For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Simple toddler and preschool visual motor activities to help develop eye-hand coordination.

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Baking With Kids - 5 Ways Your Child Will Benefit

5 good reasons why baking with kids is a great activity for the holidays!

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Best Learning Gifts for Kids

Looking for fun gifts that can develop visual perception, spatial perception and planning skills? These are the best learning gifts for kids to help them build their skills!

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Fine Motor Skills Worksheets And Printables

Make use of these fine motor skills worksheets and printables to help your child practice fine motor skills and pencil control!

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Dealing With Picky Eaters

Tips for dealing with picky eaters, from an occupational therapist and a mom!

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Visual Memory Activities for Kids

Simple visual memory activities to boost your child's reading and spelling skills at home!

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