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Isolating Finger Movements

These activities will help your child to isolate finger movements - a key step to mastering many fine motor activities, as well as playing musical instruments and typing on a keyboard.

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Christmas gift ideas for kids!

These christmas gift ideas for kids will help you find toys and games to build your child's skills!

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Fine Motor Christmas Activities

Work on hand and finger skills with this range of fine motor Christmas activities

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Scissor Cutting Practice Templates

Simple, effective scissor cutting practice templates that you can use to help improve your child's scissor skills!

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Put Together A Sensory Box

A sensory box can be very helpful for a child who has sensory processing disorder. Here are some tips on how to put one together!

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Little Pencil Finds His Forever Friends - Book Review

Little Pencil Finds His Forever Friends is a lovely book to help kids understand how their pencil grip works - awesome resource for preschools and therapists!

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Fine Motor Skills Activities for Older Kids

Tips and ideas to work on fine motor skills activities with older kids.

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Bilateral Integration Activities For Kids

Use these simple bilateral integration activities to boost your child's coordination skills!

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Tactile Perception Activities

Fun tactile perception activities to help develop touch perception skills.

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Tactile Perception and Fine Motor Skills

What is tactile perception, and how does it affect fine motor development?

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Truth in the Tinsel

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You are, however, under no obligation to purchase anything!

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