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Bilateral Integration Activities For Kids

Free ideas! Use these simple bilateral integration activities at home to boost your child's coordination skills!

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¿Por qué es Importante Fortalecer el Core de los Niños?

¿Por qué es importante fortalecer el core de los niños y aumentar su estabilidad?

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Core Strength and Core Stability for Kids

Find out why core stability and core strength are important for kids - and how to help your child.

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Benefits of Chores for Kids

There are many benefits of chores for kids - doing chores can help with gross motor skills, coordination skills and more!

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Left Handed Scissors For Kids - Necessary or Not?

All about left handed scissors for kids - do lefties really need to use left-handed scissors?

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Fine Motor Development: The Essential Foundation Skills

The 4 Essential Foundations for fine motor development that every parent and teacher should know!

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Baking With Kids - 5 Ways Your Child Will Benefit

Baking with kids is a great way to build skills while having fun! Here are 5 good reasons to bake with your child today!

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Visual Perceptual Skills And Learning

Find out how different visual perceptual skills can help your child learn to read and write!

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Put Together A Sensory Box

A sensory box can be very helpful for a child who has sensory processing disorder. Here are some tips on how to put one together!

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Preschool Learning Activities

Give your child a good foundation for reading and writing with these simple preschool learning activities!

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