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Visual perception activities can help a child to make sense of the information that the eyes are sending to the brain.

There is some overlap between the different categories of visual perception, and some activities can be used to boost more than one skill.

If you suspect your child has visual perceptual delays, please seek a professional opinion!

On this page you will find overviews of: 

Categories of Visual Perception

Form Constancy

Try these form constancy activities and tips to help your child learn how shapes and forms remain constant.

This skill helps a child to realize that a letter remains the same no matter where it is seen!

Visual Discrimination

Use these visual discrimination activities and games to help your child learn to pay attention to visual details in matching things up and spotting things that don’t belong.

This skill can help a child to correctly perceive letters and numbers where there is only a small difference between them (eg S and 5).

Figure-Ground Perception

Try these figure-ground perception activities to help your child learn to find information in a busy background, using activities, simple games and worksheet activities.

This skill can help a child to not lose his/her place when reading or when copying from the board.

Visual Closure Activities

These visual closure activities can help your child to make sense of things that are only partly visible.

This skill can help a child to read more fluently and decode words more accurately.

Visual Memory and Visual Sequential Memory

Make use of readily available household materials and inexpensive games to improve visual memory and visual sequential memory.

These skills can play a vital role in spelling and reading.

Visual Motor Integration Activities

Visual Motor Integration is a vital foundation for good handwriting skills.

Try my visual-motor integration activities to help your child get a head start before starting formal handwriting lessons.

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Jigsaw Puzzles

Children from deprived backgrounds and kids with developmental delays often struggle to grasp the concept of building puzzles.

These OT Mom articles contain step by step instructions to help parents teach their kids how to do puzzles.

Visual Perception Idea For Older Kids

Find out how the exciting Kaleidograph toy can be used to get older kids to work on their visual perceptual skills!

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More Info On Visual Perception

These pages on my site can help you learn more:

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Printable Visual Perception Activities

Although children should be developing their visual perceptual skills primarily through play and exploring their environment (read more about that here), there is sometimes a place for good quality, well thought out printable activities and worksheets.

These are my favourite printable resources, with exclusive bundle deals for my OT Mom readers.

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Free Downloads

Download and print out these free visual perception information sheets to help others understand more about visual perception.

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Helpful Therapy Products

Well chosen therapy products can be helpful in improving your child's visual perceptual skills.

I have selected a range of visual perceptual products that parents and teachers can make use of at home and in the classroom. Perhaps you already have some and had no idea they were useful as visual perception activities!

Check them out! The age range into which I have separated them is only a rough guide, so feel free to browse both categories!

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