Visual Perception Activities

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Visual perception activities can help a child to make sense of the information that the eyes are sending to the brain. Having good visual perception skills can therefore help prepare your child for formal learning.

Over the years of doing occupational therapy, working with kids from deprived backgrounds and homeschooling my own kids, I have compiled lots of ideas, tips and photographed activities to help develop visual perception skills.

You can find links to all my visual perception information on this page!

There is some overlap between the different areas of visual perception, and some of the activities I suggest can be used to develop more than one skill.

If your child struggles with a new concept, try something different and come back to the challenging activity another day. Most of all, have fun!

These visual perception activities are intended to encourage your child's normal visual perceptual development. If you suspect your child has visual perceptual delays, please seek a professional opinion.

Helpful Information About Visual Perception

Did you know that there are different visual perceptual skills that your child needs to learn? Many parents have questions about visual perception, and lots of people are unsure about why it is important.

These pages of my site will give you an overview of this important area of your child's development.

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Specific Visual Perception Activities & Tips

Every child should be exposed to a range of hands-on visual perception activities during the early years. This will help to lay a good foundation for the skills they need for learning at school.

Click on the images below to visit the pages on my site that are packed with free information, tips and activities for each area of visual perception. There are many ideas that use household objects, and regular childhood toys.

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Help Your Kids Do Puzzles

Doing jigsaw puzzles is a popular childhood activity. However, children from deprived backgrounds and children with developmental delays often struggle to grasp the concept of building puzzles.

On these pages, I give step-by-step photographed instructions and tips to help parents show their kids how to do puzzles, from toddlers through kindergarten!

The page for toddlers can also be used for preschool kids who struggle with puzzles - it often helps to go back to the beginning and get the basics right.

The pages below give some tips to help both younger children and teens to master and enjoy puzzles

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Printable Visual Perception Activities

I believe the best way for kids to develop their visual perceptual skills is through play and exploring their environment. But you can still use some paper resources!

You can download some lovely printable activities that you can cut out to make visual perception matching games, graphing games and more.

Once your child has been working on visual skills with hands-on activities, then you can introduce some occasional, good quality worksheets like the ones below.

These are my favorite printable resources, with exclusive bundle deals for my OT Mom readers.

Check out my page about the best visual motor activities worksheets (and how I chose them)

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Visual Perception Toys and Games

There are a variety of toys and games that can be helpful in improving your child's visual perceptual skills.

Many occupational therapists make use of these in their therapy sessions, but they are also great for kids to have at home, and they encourage interactive play with their friends and siblings. Consider getting a few as gifts!

Spot It! is a great visual perception game for kidsSpot It! is a great visual perception game!

For your convenience, I have linked to products on Amazon (marked #Ad) that are similar to the ones I use myself - I may receive a small commission if you purchase something through these links, which helps support this site. However, you are under no obligation to purchase anything!

If you are looking for games and resources that can help build the skills of older kids and teens, then take a look at this page of my site...visual perception activities and tips for older kids.

visual perception activities and tips for older kids

If you are looking for gifts that can help build kids skills, I have compiled a page of suggestions that include a lot of visual perception and spatial perception toys and games.

Check them out!

gifts that build kids skills

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Free Download: Visual Perception Info Sheet

This free printable download gives you an overview of the different visual perception skills and how they impact on your child's learning.

It is part of a set of 3 handouts that I compiled to help parents understand how visual perception, gross motor, and fine motor skills can affect your child's learning.

You will get all 3 handouts absolutely free when you sign up for my newsletter!

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free visual perception information download for parents and teachers

PS: This visual perception download is also available in Spanish.

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you were helped and that you are inspired by how simple it can be to help your child develop visual perceptual skills!

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