Fun Learning Activities To Build Skills!

Before your child can learn to write, the hands need to be ready to hold the pencil.

Before your child can learn to read, the brain needs to make sense of what it is seeing.

Before your child can sit nicely at a desk, the core and shoulder muscles need to be strong and steady.

Before your child can play sports, the arms and legs need to move in a coordinated way and work together with what the eyes are seeing.

These skills are foundation skills.

All children need to have good, strong foundations in fine motor, gross motor, visual perception and coordination skills. Many parents are unsure of how to effectively build these foundations, but my website will show you how you can work on these skills at home with simple activities that don’t need fancy equipment!

My background is in pediatric occupational therapy, and I am passionate about helping kids get the best possible start in school.

My website is free and accessible, and contains hundreds of photographed activities, reams of helpful information and tips to help you to help your child.

The activities on OT Mom Learning Activities are designed to support your child's development!

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Tips For Doing These Learning Activities At Home

Here are some tips for getting the most out of the activities on my site:

  • If your child struggles with an activity, then try and make it easier, or simply drop it and try something different. Come back to the original activity in a week or two. The variety of activities on my site should provide you with different ways of working on the same skills.
  • Give lots of encouragement and praise good attempts, even if they are not perfect. “You almost did it, well done!” “That was much better!” “Today is even better than yesterday!” “That was a good try!”
  • Check your child's positioning and posture and encourage them to do activities in a controlled way, not in a sloppy way.
  • Who has a good relationship with your child? Sometimes we parents can get stressed over how well our child is doing, and we have less patience than we ought to.
    Perhaps a grandparent, sympathetic teenage relative or friend would be able to spend a regular 10 minutes doing some of these focused activities with your child?

Please Note: Doing the activities on this site is not a substitute for an evaluation and intervention by a qualified occupational therapist!

Please read my article on Occupational Therapy vs "Therapy" Activities At Home to understand why I say that!

Some parents also ask why their child may need to do extra activities in the first place, if they have been referred to my website by a teacher.

My article will help you understand how your child can benefit from these activities.

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Perennially Popular Pages!

Here's a quick photo gallery of the most popular destinations on my site!

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Printable Resources!

To make it easier for parents, I have compiled my fine motor and gross motor information into affordable e-books that can be downloaded and accessed whenever you need them.

Currently I have e-books that address scissor cutting skills, fine motor skills, core exercises, shoulder girdle exercises and bilateral coordination skills, and pencil grip.

The e-books also provide parents with guidelines on how to choose and structure activities according to their child’s ability.

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Free Printable Downloads Just For You!

Do you want an overview of the fine motor, gross motor and visual perception skills that your child needs for school?

I have compiled these handouts to help parents understand how these skills can affect a child's learning, and to point parents in the right direction to help their child.

So whether you are a parent, caregiver, teacher or therapist, I am sure you will find these handouts to be helpful!

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