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Have you ever spent precious time trying to create printable visual worksheets that are effective and look awesome? I certainly have!

So when I found the amazing printables that Your Therapy Source has created, and started using them in my own home and schools setting, I begged to make them available for the parents and teachers who visit my site! Their resources are effective, reproducible, target specific skills, and best of all, inexpensive!

You will save HOURS of time, trust me!

On my website, I have created pages containing a selection of the resources that I think are most useful in developing and refining kids' visual perceptual skills and visual motor skills.

No, they are not free, but they are very affordable, and you can print out the pages as often as you need to with the kids in your family, class or therapy setting. A bargain when you think of the time you save! I personally have returned to the resources over and over, printing just the pages I need for each child who needs it.

To make them even more affordable, I have negotiated great bundle deals (up to 30% off individual titles) especially for my OT Mom visitors.

Preschool Visual Perceptual Printables

Because these printable visual worksheets are geared at preschoolers, the printables are more hands-on activity based.

For example, many of them have cards that can be cut out ahead of time then your preschooler can use them to match up or complete the puzzles.

Print them, laminate them and then use them over and over again.

Check out the different printable packs, read my descriptions of each one, and find out how I use them myself!

Visit my Preschool Visual Perception Printables page!

Preschool Visual Motor Worksheets

These are best used in conjunction with lots of hands-on visual motor activities, because preschoolers should not be spending too much time on paper-and-pencil tasks.

These worksheets provide pre-schoolers with lots of practice in tracing and copying skills - on lines, between the lines and with shapes!

Check out the different printable packs, read my descriptions of each resource, and find out how I use them myself!

Visit my Preschool Visual Motor Worksheets page!

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Best Variety of Printable Visual Worksheets

These printable visual worksheets will provide your child with lots of opportunities to practice various visual perception skills, including visual discrimination, figure-ground perception, visual closure, visual scanning and much more.

Check out my favorite visual perceptual printables, read my descriptions of each resource, and find out how I use them myself!

Visit my Printable Visual Perception Worksheets page!

Visual Motor and Drawing Printables

Visual-motor integration has a big impact on handwriting skills, and it is important for kids to get lots of practice in tracing, copying and drawing activities in order to develop good visual motor skills.

These printable packs contain a wealth of reproducible sheets that give lots of tracing, copying and drawing practice in a variety of different ways, such as grid drawings, dot drawings, figure-tracing, and tracing paths.

Check out the different visual motor and drawing printables that are helpful to kids who are already in kindergarten or elementary school. This page contains my descriptions of each resource, and some tips on how I use it myself!

Visit my Visual Motor and Drawing Printables page!

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Comparing Visual Motor Worksheets

Do you know what to look for in visual motor worksheets? There are a plethora of options out there and sometimes it's hard to tell what skills they are working on.

In this article, I take a look at different ways that worksheets can address visual motor skills, such as tracing on lines, tracing between lines, and copying lines.

I then analyze a few of my favorite visual motor resources so you can see what might work best for your child.

Visit my page on Comparing Visual Motor Worksheets!

If you are looking for free information and activity ideas (not printables), check out these pages on my site:

I hope you find these printable visual worksheets as useful as I did! I am very grateful to Your Therapy Source for making them available for therapists, teachers and parents!

best visual perception printable worksheets

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