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fine motor activities to boost kids' skills

This is my bumper compilation page of all the fine motor activities on my site!

I've categorised the different pages with a brief overview of each category. All pages contain photos, tips, and loads of helpful information. You will also find links to related pages on my site - issues like pencil grasp and handwriting are very relevant when you are looking to boost your child's fine motor skills.

Kids with poor fine motor abilities often dread paper-and-pencil activities... don’t worry, there is not a pencil or a crayon in sight for most of these fun learning activities!

This site is intended to promote your child's normal development. If you are at all concerned about your child's fine motor development, please consult your health professional. Use of this site is not a substitute for an occupational therapy evaluation and treatment.

Hand, Finger and Wrist Exercises and Activities

These pages on my site provide fine motor exercises to strengthen hand and finger muscles and improve dexterity in the hands. Being able to control the small muscles of the hands and fingers has been shown to have a greater impact on handwriting skills than the actual pencil grasp.

I have also included my pages about wrist positioning, because the position of the wrist plays an important role in how well your child wil be able to control the pencil.

Newest Fine Motor Page!

If your child needs help learning to isolate finger movements for playing a piano or other musical instrument, or for learning touch typing/keyboarding skills, then this new page will give you some ideas to help get those fingers moving!

Download My Fine Motor Activities!

There is a lot of information in those pages, and by popular request I compiled almost all the above activities (plus information, checklists and additional activities) into a single downloadable e-book in an accessible format.

For the price of a couple of coffees, you can have all these activities at your fingertips whenever you need them, for as many years as you need them!

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Scissor Skills And Their Importance

Cutting with scissors is an important fine motor exercise, as it strengthens the fingers that are needed to control the pencil, and also helps develop stability on the ulnar side of the hand (the little finger side of the hand).

Preschoolers should spend lots of time learning to cut with scissors, and these pages should help you. There are also some scissor resources that older kids could benefit from.

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Essential Foundations For Fine Motor Development

There are many factors that can influence a child's fine motor development. I explore some of these in my Fine Motor Skills page below.

But I also believe there are Essential Bases that form a foundation for good fine motor development - and I believe that preschool and kindergarten years should include lots of activities that build those bases before giving the child pencil and paper tasks.

My 4 essential bases for good fine motor development are postural stability, tactile perception, hand function and bilateral coordination. Hand function is covered by the sections above, but you can find pages discussing the other bases below.

Have fun exploring all the options and helping your child develop a good foundation for fine motor development!

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Themed Fine Motor Activities

These themed pages contain some fun fine motor activities and ideas to help your child build skills with playdough, baking or Christmas activities...

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Pages Related To Fine Motor Function

When parents are looking for fine motor activities to help their child, they often have questions about related skills and issues, such as pencil grips and handwriting.

Check out these pages on my site for some answers to your questions!

Pencil Grasp Pages

Letter Formations and Handwriting

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Helpful Tips From Other Bloggers

Some of my blogger friends have written helpful articles related to fine motor skills - check them out:

If you want to have my fine motor activities, articles and tips in a printable, easily accessible format, with bonus activities and features, check out my Fine Motor E-Book Bundle!

For the price of a couple of coffees, you can get:

fine motor and scissor cutting info from my site,
activities, tips and guidelines exclusive to the e-books.

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you found it helpful!

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