Christmas Activities For Kids

There are hundreds of creative Christmas activities for kids out there on the web, but how many of them are actually designed to help your child as well as having fun?

This page rounds up all the pages on my site that are focused on fun Christmas activities that can also help build your child's skills.

Fine Motor Christmas Ideas

Kids are often motivated to do crafts that end in a nice decoration or gift, so combine that motivation with some focused activities and build their fine motor skills at the same time.

The pages below contain lots of ideas to strengthen finger and hand muscles while having lots of Christmassy fun!

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Christmas Scissor Skills

Christmas is a great time to get in more scissor cutting practice! These pages on my site will give you a free cutting template as well as photographed instructions to help you do these paper crafts with your child. They are simple enough for preschoolers to do with some help.

Or try my e-book packed full of Christmas cutting printables!

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Christmas Worksheets And Printables

If you need to keep your child busy with a pencil-and-paper task, look for worksheets that build visual perceptual and visual motor skills. Here are a few suggestions:

Try some of my free printable Christmas Word Searches to boost figure-ground perception skills - this is particularly suitable for older kids.

Brainy Maze has a whole bunch of Christmas Mazes - excellent for figure ground and visual discrimination skills.

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More Christmas Activities for Kids!

For those in the cold northern hemisphere at Christmas time, you often need to find ways to burn off your kids' energy indoors!

Getting kids involved in the kitchen is always a great idea - they can make edible gifts for others, or simply stock up the family cookie jar.

You can also try some winter-themed brain breaks to get the blood moving - these are great for confined spaces indoors!

If you are specifically looking for Christian themed activities and devotions, take a look at my page of Christian Christmas crafts and advent ideas for some inspiration.

And if you are looking for a gift that will help to develop some of your child's skills as well as being fun, take a look at my gift page for some ideas and tips!

I hope you found this page of Christmas Activities helpful - it is so easy to help your child develop important skills while still having lots of fun!

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Truth in the Tinsel

Truth in the Tinsel - an advent e-book

If you are looking for a daily advent lesson and simple Christmas craft activity you can do with your preschooler, then I really recommend Truth in the Tinsel. My kids thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and hands-on activities in this advent e-book when they were younger.

Truth in the Tinsel includes links to Scriptures, simple craft tutorials, step-by-step talking points, and craft templates to walk your preschool kids through the entire Christmas story. The countdown begins with the prophecies in Isaiah, through the stories in the Gospels, all the way to Jesus’ ultimate goal for coming to earth.

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