Paper Christmas Wreath Craft

Your child can make this simple, pretty paper Christmas wreath craft (or eternity ring) while practicing scissor cutting skills. The cutting lines are provided on a free printable template.

There is quite a bit of scissor cutting involved in this task, so you may want to have your child work on it over a few days, or have more than one child work on it together.

Your child will be cutting out the lines, but an adult is needed to cut the paper plate and to staple the looped lines to the plate.

You will need:

Instructions for Paper Christmas Wreath

Have your child cut out the strips along the lines. I cut the sheets of paper in half, so the paper was not too unwieldy for my child.

For tips on teaching your child to cut with scissors, read my page on scissor cutting.

Cut out the center of the paper plate. (An adult needs to do this.) Don't worry if the edges are a little jagged, they will be hidden by the strips.

Loop each strip so the edges meet, and staple them to the plate as shown.

Tip 1: The strips need to be attached right next to each other in the same row.

Tip 2:The edge of the strips should be at right angles to the curve of the hole at that point.

Layer the next row in front of the previous one, keeping the edges of the strips at right angles to the hole.

I alternated the colors in each row.

This is what the space between each row of strips should look like if you lift it up.

For the very last row, you will need to lift up your first row to staple the loops behind it.

The finished wreath.

Loop a piece of ribbon and attach it to the back, and your wreath is ready to hang!

The finished wreath hanging on our wall! My daughter was so proud of this!

It was a lot of cutting for her, but we did it over a few days and it was a great way for her to strengthen her hand muscles.

If you like this craft, but want to have the template and the instructions in an accessible format, then check out my Free Christmas Cutting Printables!

Acknowledgement: The inspiration for this paper Christmas wreath craft came from the beautiful 3D wreath created from scrapbook papers over at Razzle Dazzle Crafting.

"From everlasting to everlasting, You are God"

Psalm 90:2

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