Christmas Tree Cutting Activity

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Christmas tree cutting activity with free template.

Use this Christmas tree cutting activity to let your child practice cutting out triangles. Decorating the completed trees is another way to include fine motor skills in this activity.

You will need:

Scissors for your child

Glue to paste the shapes together

Decorations (eg beads and chenille sticks, or crepe paper)

Template printed on cardstock:

  • the color template has the shapes already colored in, and you can print it on white cardstock.
  • the black and white template has the outlines of the shapes and you can either print them on colored cardstock (as shown above) or on white cardstock for your child to color. 


Most of the photos for this Christmas tree cutting activity show the black and white template which has been colored in, as this was my child's choice. But the same applies for all the templates!

Step 1: Prepare the Shapes

Have your child color in the shapes if desired.

We are working on wrist extension by doing this on a wall.

Separate the shapes to make it easier for your child to handle the paper when cutting them out.

I simply cut the paper into 2 sections.

Step 2: Cutting Out

Have your child cut out the shapes.

Remember to make sure your child uses the scissors correctly and goes around the paper correctly.

See this page for more tips to help your child cut well.

My child was able to tackle the smaller shapes, but you may need to assist with the star, or leave it out altogether.

Step 3: Assemble the Tree

If making a hanging tree, stick the pieces together as shown.

Thread some ribbon or thread through the top of the tree and hang it up!

If making a tree to paste on a page, assemble the pieces as shown.

I preferred a darker background, but my child chose white!

Decorate the Tree - Simple!

Outline the tree with a crayon - this works on visual-motor integration as your child traces around the tree.

Cut crepe paper into small strips (see how to cut the strips quickly and easily)

Use the tripod fingers to crumple the crepe paper into small balls. (This is explained in detail on my finger exercises page.)

The completed tree!

Decorate the Tree - Beads

Provide pony beads and 3 chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) and let your child thread about 12 beads on each stick.

This uses bilateral coordination skills.

Use the opportunity to let your child sequence the beads - this is a good pre-math skill.

Once each stick is threaded with beads, twist the ends together to make one long stick. I apologize for the poor quality of this photo!

Space the beads out and bend the chenille sticks around the tree.

Once completed, thread some strong cotton through the top and you can hang your tree!

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