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Want to know how OT Mom Learning Activities came to life? My review of SBI will tell you how!

I have had lots of feedback from people all over the world about this website. Many are just expressing gratitude for being helped, but others want to know how I managed to turn my passion for helping others into an "online business".

So I wrote this review of the role Solo Build It! played - in the hopes that it would help others on their way, as I, myself, was helped!

Here are some answers to the main questions!

Why did I want to build a website business?

In 2009, I had been working part time at a local school for a couple years,  and we had just started homeschooling. Hubby would stay home with the kids on the days I worked, but it just wasn't ideal. I honestly had no idea how to combine my passion for helping kids (and earn some income) with my desire to be at home full time.

I have a friend who was earning a significant income from her preschool and homeschool orientated websites.  I could not believe that she, as a homeschooling mom of 5, could build a website from scratch, never mind one that earned her an income!

So my husband and I started to investigate website building. I felt that I could offer something from my years of occupational therapy and working with children, and I started to get excited about sharing what I knew with parents who wanted to hear. Bearing in mind that my computer and internet literacy skills were pathetic, the idea was that my husband would handle the website-building part, and I would just put the information together.

Many nights later, after checking out countless website-builders, we decided that our friend’s SBI was by far the better offer. Not only did it offer all the bells and whistles in one package, but it also offered a money back guarantee. What did we have to lose?

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So we took the plunge with SBI!

Well, it soon became clear that this was going to be a one-man show – there was just no way that I could merely provide the information for my husband to “plug into” a set site design. All the work of finding and analyzing my niche was something that only I could do, as I was the one with the passion for the information I had in my head.

So hubby was relegated to supplying endless cups of tea! And doing the early morning kiddo shift after I had pulled an all-nighter on the website!

What I didn’t know about website building could fill a book, but SBI has packaged it into an Action Guide!

SBI basically held my hand through their step-by-step Action Guide (videos and text). And for everything else, there’s the Forums!  Whatever obstacle I stumble over, there is someone in the forums to point me in the right direction. There is even a forum thread dedicated to us work at home moms (WAHM’s) who are building sites in between laundry and wiping noses!

SBI’s incredible Brainstorm It and Keyword tools helped me to research the needs in my niche area, choose my topics and keywords to meet those needs, and guided me in writing well so that those needs would be met.

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Is It Worth It? An Honest Review of SBI!

Building a website with SBI was a comparitively expensive outlay in 2 ways. Firstly, it cost $299 per year (or $29 per month). That felt like a lot of money in the beginning, but as someone has described - it's like getting an MBA in wesbite building. However, the support and training I received from SBI is more than worth the outlay.

The second expense was the time and energy. Late, late nights. Vacation days spent in front of the computer. As a homeschooling mom, that was the only time I could get to work on my site. Having a very supportive husband helped!!

Was it worth it?

Every penny, every sleepless night and every tear was worth it.

It took 18 months for my site to start earning enough to "break even" (cover the costs of the SBI subscription) - but someone without young kids could probably have done it sooner!

In 2013, when my website was about 4 years old, I stepped aside from my part time work at the schools to focus on homeschooling and my website - the income from my website enabled me to do that.

Now I can focus on homeschooling my kids, and reaching out to parents all over the world through my site. A dream come true!

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Why Not A Blog?

Some of my friends have tried blogs. If your skills lie in newsblogging or commentating on a specific niche then a blog on something like Wordpress could work well for you.

But if you have information you want to share, that you feel passionate about, that you think others can benefit from, that you want to use to build a business, then SBI could be the better option for you.

A blog gives you the latest news, someone has described it as  being like a newspaper article. Looking for useful information in most blogs can be like sifting through a pile of old newspapers. I personally find it very frustrating trying to find information in a blog!

On the other hand, a focused website is more like a valuable resource book that gives you the information you need in a more accessible way that never goes out of date. As a business, the focused website is much, much better than a blog. That is why I chose to build a website, rather than a blog.

A HUGE benefit to building your site "properly" with SBI is that you constantly get organic traffic without being a slave to "blogging" every week.

At one point, we were undergoing massive family upheavals, and I was unable to work properly on my site for almost 2 years. In all that time, my traffic and income kept growing! Even though I was not adding new material! A blog can rarely do that - most of my blogging friends feel like they are slaves to their blogs!

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The Bottom Line

Do I recommend SBI to build a website or online business? Yes!

Is it an easy way to make money? No! You need to work hard to get a real site going, but it is worth it!

What about other webhosts? I'll be honest, I have not tried them, and have no desire to. My friends who use other web hosts/blog hosts confess that they struggle to keep up with new changes and are constantly paying money for the latest widget or what-not. SBI keeps ahead of all that for me, and helps blend new technology seamlessly into the exisiting set-up.

If you are reading this page for a review of SBI, it is probably because you are interested in building a website or earning an income from home.

So I will be honest with you.

There are dozens of fake reviews out there that will diss SBI - because they are jealous and are working for companies that are trying to compete with Solo Build It. Look for real case studies, real reviews, and visit real websites to see how they do it. If there is a "review" out there that can't show you proof, then don't believe a word they say!

In fact, there is a big company out there paying people to write negative reviews about SBI to boost their own company. You may be interested in this in-depth study, which compares SBI with this company (called Wealthy Affiliate), and digs down to how SBI really compares to WA. (Summary? SBI sites way outperform WA sites!)

If you want to know more about building a website or online business with SBI, then hop over here to see the SBI tools and reviews for yourself. (These are my affiliate links because this is a product I believe in!)

Bottom Line... If I had not used SBI, you would not have found my site, nor would you have benefited from the information I had to offer. And the information would not have been as focused and helpful as it is (I hope!) without the advice and guidelines that SBI offers.

I am grateful to the whole team at Solo Build It for making this website possible!

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Thanks for reading this review of SBI - actually the story of how OT Mom Learning Activities came to life!

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