Christian Christmas Crafts
For Kids

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It's not easy to find Christian Christmas crafts for kids, in a world that is obsessed with the "festive" holiday season! It is often a constant battle to keep our own eyes focused on Jesus, never mind keeping our kids' eyes focused on Him!

With 3 kids of my own, I have done my fair share of searching for nativity-based Christmas activity ideas that kids will enjoy. This page is a mixture of my own resources/activities as well as those created by others.

This page is a work in progress and will be added to as time goes by - but for now, just click on the links to view the section of the page you are interested in! I've also added some advent devotionals that I have used over the years.

Simple Nativity Crafts For Younger Kids

My free Christmas Paper Crafts page has instructions on how to turn a simple nativity picture into a lovely nativity collage using popsicle sticks and torn paper.

You can download a free printable nativity scene from this page.

Or get my printable activity pack with a 7 different nativity scenes to create a variety of different collages!

Bead Angel

This is a simple angel craft using chenille sticks and pony beads.

Hop on over and see how to make my free bead angel now!

Paper Angels

These paper angels make lovely table decorations, or you can hang them on your tree.

View instructions and get your free printable paper angels here!

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Simple Paper Crafts

Kids Bible Teacher has some simple, but effective, Christian Christmas crafts for kids

This free Christmas ornament with the Names of Jesus is a great activity for parents to do with their kids.

Have your children cut out the circles (20 of them spread over 2 pages) and then you can help them fold the circles along the marked line, and paste them together to make a lovely paper Christmas ornament.

This is not the best activity to use with a large class unless you have one adult for every 2 kids LOL as the sticking is rather time consuming, but it is great for smaller groups.

A simpler activity for a large group of kids would be the free Christmas bookmarks - your child can simply color them in and cut them out!

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Christmas Scissor Crafts

My (mostly) nativity-themed Christmas cutting templates will give your child lots of cutting practice with lovely end products to build your child’s confidence.

There are 17 different scissor cutting paper crafts, all with photographed instructions and a variety of templates - over 40 templates in all!

All the activities are photographed so you and your child can see what you are working towards

View my Christmas Paper Craft and Scissor Cutting Printables now!

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Christian Christmas Word Searches

Okay, technically these are not Christmas crafts, but if you are generally looking for Christian Christmas activities for kids, then you may be interested in the pack of word searches I created specifically with a nativity theme.

Word searches are a great way to help kids work on figure-ground perception and visual discrimination skills, and these Bible-based nativity-themed word searches can help build those skills.

The word search topics include Isaiah 9:6, the angel's message to Joseph, to Mary and to the shepherds, the birth of Jesus, the visit of the Magi, Zechariah and Elizabeth, and Simeon's Song, among others.

View My Christmas Word Search Printables Now!

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Truth In The Tinsel
Daily Devotions and Activities for Preschoolers

This was my favorite Christmas resource when my kids were little! The focus of this e-book is on Bible-based lessons and crafts that bring out the real meaning of Christmas.

Primarily directed at preschool kids, older kids will still enjoy the lessons and bringing their own twist to the crafts.

Each day has a Bible passage focus (a mix of Old Testament and New Testament passages), followed by a simple craft to hang on your tree.

truth in the tinsel advent devotional

These hands-on Christian Christmas crafts are accessible to young children, and will create lasting memories for them. We still have some of these decorations on our tree even though my kids are teens now!

This resource is a fantastic investment if you are looking to do daily or regular devotions as a family to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

View Truth in the Tinsel Here!

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Do You Have Christian Christmas Crafts for Kids?

Do you have a blog or website with great Advent / Christian Christmas crafts for kids? Contact me and let me know and I'll check it out and add it here!

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