Mastering Scissor Skills!

Do you need tips to improve your child’s scissor skills?

Is your child struggling to cut neatly with scissors?
Does your child hack the paper when cutting?
Does your child struggle to stay on the lines when cutting out?

Do you want to know how to teach your preschooler to cut with scissors, but don’t know where to start?

My Scissor Skills E-Book May Be Just What You Need!

Resources to help you teach your child how to cut with scissors and how to improve their scissor skills

Contents of This Download

My 33 page e-book is packed with helpful tips and strategies to help your child learn to master cutting out with scissors.

In the information section, you will find answers to the questions

  • Why are cutting skills important?
  • What is the best scissor grip?
  • What about left handed kids?
  • How can I help my child cut more efficiently?

There are 4 basic steps to learning to cut with scissors. These are covered in detail in my e-book, along with photographed activities to help your child master each step.

scissor skills e-book
  • Step 1: Mastering the grasp release motion without scissors
  • Step 2: Mastering the grasp release motion through snipping with scissors
  • Step 3: Learning to cut on a straight line
  • Step 4: Learning to cut simple shapes

I have also included a brief section on helping your child master more advanced cutting activities.

steps to help your child learn to cut with scissorsSteps to learn to cut!

Although much of the information is available on my website if you search through all my articles, my E-book provides you with all the information at your fingertips in an easily accessible, printable download.

In addition, there are tips, activities and a checklist that are found only in the e-book

I have also provided some photos of ways in which kids may struggle with cutting out, and I offer some practical advice that parents and teachers can use to assist these kids.

bonus material to help your child cut with scissorsTips, checklist and more!

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How to Use the E-Book

Your e-book comes in a secure PDF format, which you can save on your device. You can choose whether to read it on your device, or print out the pages you want to have on hand. 

As a homeschooling mom on a tight budget, I make a point of choosing activities that can easily be done at home with inexpensive everyday resources. As with all the activities on my website, real-life photos accompany the instructions.

My Fun Cutting Templates Pack was designed to supplement my Scissor Skills E-Book, with a range of graded cutting printables that help you put into practice the tips and suggestions in my Scissor Skills E-book.

Although the Cutting Templates are now sold individually, I strongly recommend that you get them with the Scissor Skills E-book, and for this reason, I offer a discounted bundle deal of the two books together.

You can view the Fun Cutting Templates here to see what you are getting in the deal!

scissor cutting resources - discounted bundle !Bundle deal on scissor cutting resources!

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How To Buy The Scissor Skills E-Book

Use your credit card to pay securely via PayPal, or pay with your PayPal account. You will receive the download links by email shortly after payment.

As I explained above, I really recommend that you get the bundle deal that includes the cutting templates.

The cutting templates have been designed to help your child systematically master scissor cutting skills as you work through the Scissor Skills E-Book.

Awesome resource to help your child build scissor skills!33 Pages of Tips and Activities!
printable scissor cutting templates to help kids practice cutting skills19 Different Cutting Templates Plus Photographed Instructions!

Scissor Skills E-Book
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If you prefer to get just the Scissor Skills E-Book alone, then use the button below.

printable resource to help your child with scissor skills33 Pages of Tips and Activities!

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