Shoulder Girdle Exercises
For Kids

shoulder girdle exercises for kids - upper body strength for kids

Does your child need shoulder girdle exercises to strengthen the upper body?

Does your child have poor fine motor skills as a result of poor shoulder girdle stability?

Do you want to give your child the best possible foundation for handwriting, by working on upper body strength and stability?

This Printable Resource Full of Fun Shoulder Exercises May Help!

What You Will Receive

  • Information on shoulder girdle stability
  • Why good shoulder girdle stability is important for school
  • What it looks like when a child has a poor shoulder girdle stability
  • Tips and guidelines to help with the exercises
  • 20 pages of photographed exercises and activity ideas to help develop your child’s shoulder girdle stability.

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What Kinds Of Exercises Are In This Download?

Shoulder girdle exercises can increase shoulder stability, which is an essential base for good handwriting.

Many children who struggle to control a pencil effectively and whose fine motor skills are poor, lack good stability and control of their shoulder girdle muscles.

There are 20 pages of photographed exercises, including:

  • Weight-bearing exercises
  • Pushing exercises
  • Pulling exercises
  • Exercises with a therapy ball
  • Chores that may help strengthen the shoulder girdle
  • Shoulder exercises you can do at a playpark

This 40 page e-book also comes with a goal planner, exercise planner and tips to help you integrate fun shoulder girdle exercises into your child’s routine.

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Additional Resources

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Or just get the shoulder exercises e-book to work specifically on shoulder girdle strength and stability!

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Multiple Copies for Organizations:
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