Bilateral Coordination Activities

Does your child struggle with bilateral coordination activities such as threading beads and cutting with scissors?
Is it hard for your child to jump and hop, to catch a ball or to clap in time to music?
Has your child been diagnosed with poor bilateral integration?

Try My Bumper Compilation of Bilateral Coordination Activities!

A bilateral coordination downloadable resource book packed with activities to support your child's coordination skills!

What You Will Receive

The activities presented in this easy-to-use downloadable OT Mom e-book may help your child to develop bilateral coordination skills, using readily available resources.

This e-book can be used to supplement whatever occupational therapy intervention your child may be receiving, but please be sure to check with your child’s occupational therapist first, before commencing with any activities.

You will find answers to these questions:

  • What is bilateral coordination / bilateral integration?
  • How does bilateral coordination develop?
  • What are the three basic bilateral movements?
  • Why do kids need movement activities to help with bilateral coordination skills?
  • More than 24 pages of activities to support bilateral coordination skills

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bilateral coordination activities for kids

What Types Of Bilateral Activities Are In Here?

There are more than 24 pages of photographed activities, divided into these themes:

  • Bilateral activities for hands and arms
  • Bilateral activities for feet and legs
  • Bilateral activities for arms and legs together
  • Toys that use bilateral movements
  • Bilateral trampoline activities
  • Bilateral therapy ball activities
  • Bilateral ribbon activities
  • Chores that use bilateral movements
  • Bilateral activities in the kitchen
  • Bilateral playdough exercises
  • Rhythmic bilateral clapping games
  • Practice using leading and supporting hands
photographed activities to help parents teachers to develop their child's bilateral coordination skillsA wide range of activities you can easily do at home!

This 55 page e-book also comes with a goal planner, activity planner and tips to help you integrate fun bilateral coordination activities into your child’s routine.

The exercises are aimed at children from preschool through early elementary, but it is easy to upgrade or downgrade the activities according to your child’s age and abilities.

tips, strategies and planners to plan your bilateral coordination activitiesBonus tips, strategies and planners!

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How To Get This Printable Download

Use your credit card to pay securely via PayPal, or pay with your PayPal account. You will receive the download links by email shortly after payment.

Your e-book comes in a secure PDF format, which you can save on your device. You can then read it on your device, and/or print out the pages you want to have on hand.

Bilateral Co-ordination ActivitiesMore Than 24 Pages Of Photographed Activities!

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Got Questions?

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  • None of the OT Mom E-Books TM serve as a substitute for an occupational therapy evaluation and treatment. Please read my E-Book Disclaimer for further details.
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"As a teacher at Foundation Phase Level, I can highly recommend the activities in this e-book. The activities are fun for kids to do, and provide the parent with achievable goals."

Mrs. Sutherland, Grade 2 Teacher
HPS, South Africa

"I am currently supporting children in first grade who have special needs. I am not a qualified teacher and have found OT Mom’s help invaluable. The Bilateral Coordination Activities e-book is well laid out and easy to understand. There are lots of simple, easy and fun activities to do with great photos to help with the instructions!"

C. Roberts
Hermanus, South Africa

Bilateral Co-ordination ActivitiesMore Than 24 Pages Of Photographed Activities!

This resource is included in some great bundles!
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Single E-Book:
Only $9



Multiple Copies for Organizations:
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