Occupational Therapy Books

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I named this page "Occupational Therapy Books" with young occupational therapists in mind, as these are the books I wish I had read at the beginning of my profession!

However, most of these books have been written for the benefit of parents, caregivers and teachers. Most, but not all, have been written by fellow Occupational Therapists.

I only review books that I personally own and have read. I trust you find the reviews helpful!

Honesty Point: I have purchased most of these books at my own expense; one or two were gifts from their authors. However, all reviews are my honest opinion and not influenced by the authors in any way. I have used my affiliate link to direct you to the books on Amazon; however, you may be able to find the books in other bookstores as well as in your local library.

My Best Book of 2014!

Growing Up with Sensory Issues

This book is written by a woman who has experienced the trials and challenges of living with SPD (and Aspergers) in herself, and writes about her experiences in an engaging, pithy way. I smiled, giggled and sniffed back a few tears as I made my way through the book and emerged at the back page with a deeper understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder.

Jennifer McIlwee Myers gives a voice to children who cannot yet express themselves, hope for teens facing an uncertain future, and deeper insight and understanding for anyone who has a child with SPD in their home, class or family.

This is an empowering and powerful book. I would recommend that parents of SPD kids keep this in their personal libraries to lend out to those relatives and friends who just don't "get" SPD.

Books On Sensory Processing

Sensational Kids

My first choice of book for parents and teachers who need to know more about SPD and practical information on how to help their kids at home and at school.

Well written, easy to understand and immensely practical.

Raising a Sensory Smart Child

An indepth treasure trove of information on understanding and living with a child who has Sensory Processing Disorder.

I personally feel that this book is more suited to therapists, although many parents have certainly benefited from it. It is very detailed and therefore more "textbooky", but contains a wealth of valuable information.

The Sensory Team Handbook

Recommended for preteens to read with their parents, or for teenagers to read on their own. This book is easy to read and does not use jargon, and will help an older child with SPD to understand and deal with everyday challenges.

Parents can read this book with their kids, and help them to implement suggestions in daily home and school life.

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Child Development Books

From Rattles to Writing

Written by an occupational therapist, this book covers the entire range of a child’s development from birth to age five. The chapters of the book are arranged according to a child’s age. I would recommend this book for new parents, caregivers of little ones and therapists new to pediatrics. Read my in-depth review here.

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OT Mom E-Books

These e-books (PDFs) contain information from my site in readable, printable format, along with additional information and activities that are not on my site.

Click on the images to see more information about each e-book, and don't forget to check the bundle deals for discounts!

Do you want me to review YOUR Occupational Therapy book?

I'd be happy to read it and give an honest opinion! Drop me a line and tell me about it!

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