Free Fine Motor Activities

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Fine motor activities are essential to help your child develop the fine motor skills needed for good handwriting.

On this page, you will find links to a range of photographed activity ideas on my site, and also articles to help you understand the importance of these skills.

Why Use Activities?

Kids with poor fine motor skills often dread paper-and-pencil activities. Using fun activities will give your child a sense of achievement while helping to develop essential handwriting skills.

And if your child hates writing, drawing and coloring, don’t worry, there is not a pencil or a crayon in sight for most of these fun learning activities!

So let your child improve fine motor skills without forcing the use of a pencil, and you may see some improvement in handwriting ability.

Fine Motor Activities

Activities for scissor cutting, hand strength and finger dexterity

Scissor Cutting Skills: This article explains the importance of scissor cutting and also the basics of teaching a child how to cut with scissors.

Helpful Information

Articles to inform you and answer your questions

Helpful Tips

What if your child hates writing, and has developed a real attitude problem to pencil-and-paper tasks? This can make life really difficult, especially if practice is needed at forming letters and numbers.

Here are some tips that come from advice that I have given to many moms over the years - try them and see if they help you!

If you want to have all of these activities, articles and tips in a printable, easily accessible format, with lots of extra activities and bonus features, check out my

Fine Motor Activities E-book!

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