Fine Motor Activities

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Fine motor activities are essential to help your child develop the fine motor skills needed for good handwriting.

Why Use Fine Motor Activities?

Using fun activities will give your child a sense of achievement while helping to develop essential handwriting skills.

Kids with poor fine motor skills often dread paper-and-pencil activities... don’t worry, there is not a pencil or a crayon in sight for most of these fun learning activities!

So let your child improve fine motor skills without forcing the use of a pencil, and you may see some improvement in handwriting ability.

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Hands, Fingers and Wrists

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Scissor Skills And Playdough

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Some Questions Answered

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Helpful Tips

What if your child hates writing, and has developed a real attitude problem to pencil-and-paper tasks? This can make life really difficult, especially if practice is needed at forming letters and numbers.

Here are some tips that come from advice that I have given to many moms over the years - try them and see if they help you!

If you want to have all of my fine motor activities, articles and tips in a printable, easily accessible format, with bonus activities and features, check out my Fine Motor Activities E-book!

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