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These OT Mom E-books have been developed specifically for parents and teachers by a pediatric Occupational Therapist who is also a homeschooling mom. They are full of easy-to-do exercises and activities that can be done at home, and make use of readily available materials where possible.

These e-books can be used to supplement whatever occupational therapy intervention your child may be receiving, but please be sure to check with your child’s occupational therapist first, before commencing with any activities.

Check out these FAQ on this page about OT Mom e-books:

1) What categories of OT Mom e-books are available?

2) May I make multiple copies if I work in an organization?

3) How do I purchase and use the e-books?

4) Is there a guarantee?

5) Why are OT Mom e-books not free?

6) Are there any free OT Mom resources?

The activities and exercises are aimed primarily at children from Kindergarten to Early Elementary, but preschoolers and older children may also benefit.

1) Categories of OT Mom E-Books

A) Gross Motor E-Books

These e-books focus on specific gross motor skills.

Click on the links to view detailed descriptions of each e-book, or read overviews of each e-book at the Gross Motor E-Books page.

Core Exercises for Kids

Shoulder Girdle Exercises

Bilateral Coordination Activities

B) Fine Motor E-Books

These e-books focus on building fine motor skills.

Click on the links to view detailed descriptions of each e-book, or read overviews of each e-book at the Fine Motor E-Books page.

Fine Motor Activities

Scissor Cutting Skills

Organization Version

By popular request, I have made an "Organization" version available! If you work within an organization, and wish to make multiple copies of this e-book for use within your organization (school, institution, therapy clinic etc), please purchase the "Organization" version. For the price of 3 regular e-books, you will be entitled to make up to 10 copies for use within your organization.

This obviously works on an honesty basis, as I have no way of knowing whether someone is making multiple copies of an individual e-book. However, if you have benefited from this site, and plan to make multiple copies of the e-books, please do the right thing and purchase the organization version! Technically speaking, it is theft when you make copies without paying for them!

How To Purchase And Use the E-Books

You purchase the OT Mom e-books by clicking on the “add to cart” buttons and then checkout by paying with your credit card through PayPal, or with your PayPal account.

South African buyers can pay me in ZAR via an EFT. Get the details in this downloadable PDF.

Once you have paid, you will receive an email with a download link. You then click on the links to download them and then save them onto your computer. If you don't find an email with download links in your inbox soon after paying for them, then check your spam folder, as they sometimes end up in there!

The e-books are in Adobe PDF file format. If your computer doesn't have the software, you can easily install Adobe Reader for free. (A new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page)

You can save the e-books to your computer where you can read them anytime, or ideally, print them out for easy reference. If you wish to print the e-books out, I recommend color printing for ideal photo clarity. The quality of the e-books is such that you can print them in A5 format in colour (two pages printed on each A4 page) and they will still be easy to read and follow.

All OT Mom E-Books Come With A Guarantee!

If you're not satisfied with this e-book, just email me within 2 weeks of your date of purchase - and I'll issue your 100% refund immediately.
Your e-book purchase is 100% safe and secure - and 100% risk-free.

Why Are OT Mom E-books Not Free?

Building and maintaining a website of this calibre takes time and money, although I have loved every minute of it (Read Why I Like SBI, which is the company which helped me build this website.)

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to maintain this website without a source of income. I have kept the prices as low as possible, but if you genuinely cannot afford an e-book, and you desperately need more than the free resources I already offer on my site, then feel free to contact me to explain your situation and I will do my best to help you.

Are There Any Free OT Mom Resources?

All of my Learning Activities and Information pages contain a wealth of free information, activities and suggestions, so please browse through the topics outlined in the navigation bar on the left of this page.

There are also free downloadable PDF's on these pages:

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Was this page helpful?

Please pay it forward and let your friends know!