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These Christmas Lapbooks are a great addition to any Christian family's advent preparations.

They work well with kids from second grade and older; younger children can help by cutting out the templates for each day.

I review them here for your information. Simply click on the title of each e-book if you want to view more details.

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Arrival of a King Lapbook

Suitable for Grades 2-7, the focus of this lapbook is on the Bible events and the characters of Jesus’ birth, with Bible passages and a lesson/points to ponder about each passage.

Questions are answered and facts are recorded in the lapbook. There are lovely templates with detailed instructions.

It can be made in traditional lapbook format with filefolders, or it can be made to put inside a ring binder.

This is a well designed, well thought out e-book that provides you with all the templates and information you need to make a comprehensive Christmas lapbook with your kids. It gives an indepth, Biblical look at Christmas.

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Christ in the Christmas Tree Lapbook

This lapbook brings out the Christian elements of Christmas traditions and points the way back to Jesus.

The completed lapbook takes the shape of a Christmas tree!

The lessons answer the question “what does this remind us of”, and looks at the traditions associated with Christmas, for example candy cane, the star on the top of the tree, the colors red and green, etc.

The lessons include Bible verses related to those things. There are detailed instructions given to help you put the lapbook together.

Younger children could help with the cutting out while older children write out the answers.

Click here to view Christ in the Christmas Tree Lapbook

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Alternatives to Christmas Lapbooks

Truth In the Tinsel

This is not a lapbook, but contains daily lessons and crafts for little hands to teach preschoolers the true story of Christmas.

Click on the pic to view the e-book or read my full review here.

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I hope you found the reviews helpful.

If lapbooks are too advanced or complicated for your child, try these instead:

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