Does Your Child Have
Poor Fine Motor Skills?

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poor fine motor skills

Poor Fine Motor Skills are incredibly frustrating for both the child and the parent, not to mention the teacher!

It is so hard to watch your child struggle with drawing, coloring, writing, tying shoelaces and other everyday fine motor tasks.

No one understands your situation better than another parent.

And no one gives better advice than another parent.

These Parent Support pages are designed to offer you, the parent, encouragement in your journey to help your child be the best he or she can be.

I have created this as a place where you, as a parent, can come to share your own experiences and concerns. If you would like to help another parent, please feel free to post some encouragement or advice! If you have been encouraged in these pages, please “pay it forward” and encourage someone else!

Parents Share:

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Give 5 Year Old More Time? 
My five year old son is not in Kindergarten yet but is struggling with fine motor skills. He hates writing and even when I try to get him to trace …

Fine Motor Skills - Adolescent 
Should a teenager with very limited fine motor skills be told that he will never be able to write? If his OT has said he will never be able to do it …

Why is my drawing and writing so horrible? 
Hi. I'm sixteen years old and I have ADHD, all my life I have noticed that my writing has always not been the best. Spelling has always been fine, …

5 y.o and Fine Motor Skills. 
I have been told today that my 5 y.o (prep) is having trouble with Fine Motor Skills. I asked for his teacher to maybe give him extra help as he seems …

12 year old with Fine Motor Delays 
My 12 year old son was not officially diagnosed with poor fine motor skills. Although a doctor did express his concerns, no more came of it. He still can't …

My seven old is struggling at school 
My child is on a IEP at school. She is now seven but i have seen no improvements since she was five. She has great difficulty with writing and also maths …

Fine Motor Skills in my Child 
I have just been informed by my 6 year old's teacher that he has still not developed his fine motor skills and she suggests that I take him to an OT. His …

I just got a call from my son's Kindergarten teacher  
saying that she is concerned with his Fine Motor Skills. She says that he is struggling with his writing and gets frustrated easily and wants to give up. …

4 Year Old - Right or Left-Handed? 
My son just turned 4 years old last month. I feel he has trouble with some fine motor skills (writing, coloring, grasping, playing with play-doh, etc.) …

Skipping And A Game Of Sevens 
Although I'm not sure if my brother's problems as a kid was fine motor skills (I think it was), he certainly had a problem with writing and also with his …

An easy homemade toddler toy that will help with fine motor skills 
Here is an inexpensive toy that you can easily make at home that your child (ages 18 - 36 months) will love playing with! Take an empty coffee can …

Visit our Fine Motor Activities page for lots of ideas and activities to help your child's poor fine motor skills.

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