Does your child have
poor gross motor skills?

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Share your experiences with other parents, and offer encouragement, support and tips to support other parents.

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Poor Gross Motor Skills can impact on so many areas of your child’s life.

Taking part in games and sports days, being able to sit still in the classroom, having the endurance to go for a family hike... these areas and so many more are affected by poor gross motor skills, and it is hard for a parent to watch a child struggle.

No one understands your frustration better than another parent.

And no one gives better advice than another parent.

These Parent Support pages are designed to offer you, the parent, encouragement in your journey to help your child be the best he or she can be.

I have created this page as a place where you, as a parent, can come to share your own experiences and concerns. If you would like to help another parent, please feel free to post some encouragement or advice! If you have been encouraged in these pages, please “pay it forward” and encourage someone else!

Gross Motor Questions and Tips

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What Other Readers Have Said

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Strange combination, I know, but that is what helped my son with his low muscle tone. During the ages of 8 and 13 months my son had 5 operations on …

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