Throwing and catching a ball
helped this girl!

by Olga

I know someone who was very clumsy in her childhood. She had very poor gross motor skills. She broke plates. She was afraid to ride a bicycle.

And that's when her dad started playing ball with her every day. At first, she turned away from the ball, so terrifying was the thought of catching it. Then she started meeting it chest up, still dropping it every time. She got points and cheers every time she managed to catch it, and with time became very confident...

She grew up a slim sporty girl, who goes everywhere by her bike, climbs the trees, and does complicated yoga.

All it took is patience, support, and reward... And training, of course!

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helped this girl!

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perseverance pays off!!
by: OT Mom

I applaud that father who persevered and helped his girl in this way!

How many other kids do you know whose parents just gave up and "accepted" that they were going to be clumsy for the rest of their lives?

I honestly believe that a little bit of input from parents goes a long way, and when we choose to praise and support our children instead of criticizing them, we can make a huge impact on their lives.

Sure, our kids may not be able to win the Superbowl, or represent their country in a sport, but as Olga shared with us, we want them to be confident as they strive to be the best they can be in their lives!

Thanks, Olga for sharing that with us!!

OT Mom

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