OT Activities for
Crossing the Midline

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These fun occupational therapy activities for crossing the midline are easy to do at home and come with lots of photos to show you just what to do!

Is your child's midline crossing poor? Are you wondering what midline crossing is all about?

If so, first read my article on Crossing the Midline and find out why it is so important for your child. Then come back to try these activities.

If your young child has not yet established a dominant hand, then start with the activities that use both hands to cross the midline on both sides (eg the scrubbing brush, ball relay, ball pass).

Or if the activity requires that only one hand be used, then let your child try it with both hands, one at a time. (Read my article on hand dominance for more info.)

Ball and Beanbag Activities

Simple games with balls and beanbags can be adapted to help your child cross the midline.

Have your child kneel or sit cross-legged on the floor to stabilize the hips and legs. Then the hands and arms can move freely across the midline.

Catching A Ball

Have the thrower stand slightly to the side, so the catcher must turn the upper body to catch and throw the ball.

Do this on both sides, and gradually increase the angle at from which the ball is thrown, to increase the amount of midline crossing.

Simple Relays

Any object could be used, as long as the child passes and receives the object with both hands.

Make sure that they are sitting either cross-legged, or on their knees.

Ball Passing

Two kids sit back to back and pass the ball around to each other.

You could do it 5 times in each direction as a warm up for other gross motor activities, or as a break from desk tasks

Throwing At A Target

In this game, the child is seated, and throws across the midline to a target with the dominant hand.

AVOID THIS! Here, the lower body has moved with the upper body, and there is no trunk rotation and thus no midline crossing!

Make sure your child's hips and legs stay facing forwards while the upper body turns.

More Activities for Crossing the Midline

Lazy 8 Exercises

Using “Lazy-8”’s has long been a popular way to help a child to cross the midline.

Vertical surfaces work best - use a blackboard, whiteboard or even an outside wall!

MAKE SURE your child is positioned in the center of the "lazy 8" and has one hand on the board/paper for stability.

Rubbing It Out

Let your child rub out the "Lazy 8" with a scrubbing brush or large sponge.

Using both hands and moving the brush/sponge in all directions, will subtly help your child to cross the midline with both hands.

Shaving Cream

A bit messy, but lots of fun… rubbing shaving cream on a wall with both hands, and then using the hands one on top of the other to draw a large circle or loop, will help your child to cross the midline with both hands.

I hope you found these ideas helpful.

You can read my tips for positioning to help your child cross the midline here, or download them in the handout below:

Free Midline Crossing Handout!

You may share this free PDF download to help others. But please do not link directly to the PDF from your own blog - rather link to this article. Thank you!

Midline Crossing Information And Tips  (106KB)

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