Using sand in a tray for spelling practice

by Molotswe
(South Africa)

My daughter hates writing, but we have found a way to get her to practice her spelling words!

We have a colorful plastic tray, and we pour some sand into it for her to write on. She is still in Grade 1, so the words are still short and fit on the tray very well. We keep the sand in an icecream container and pour it back in when we are finished.

Hope this helps others. It is kind of what you already said in your article but this way you can use sand indoors, not just in the sand pit.

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Good idea!
by: OT Mom

Good idea! I had a look at the local plastic warehouse, and you can get small plastic trays at a good price. This is a good activity for preschoolers who need to practice writing their name or numbers!

Thanks for the tip!

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