Understanding Autism

by P.A.

I live in New Delhi India- a high school teacher by profession and a mother of a 5 year old Autistic? PDD? child.

My son has mild sensory issues. He seems to be intelligent (as it is what all the therapists say about him) however it frightens me to think about the future... will he be able to study..have a job... get married .. and be independent??? he started repeating words 4 months ago ... he is way behind his age in learning his alphabets, numbers , colours and shapes.. If we work hard with him will he do well in academics?

He is not hyperactive, very obedient and loving, learns non-academic activities very fast and loves them if they are challenging.. on the other hand I have been trying to teach him basic colors and shapes for more than a year but he is still not perfect in telling/indicating any colour except red and sometimes yellow.. though he can match any and every color correctly even if there is only the difference of a shade...I am confused .. is he retarded?

What is your advice?

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facing the same problem
by: Ainy zarar/pakistan

hi i have to kids elder is a son 14 years old and in 8th grade and he is good in his studies but my daughter who is just turned 9 is a slow child.her mile stones were delayed and she started talking at the age of 2but her speech is not normal .she is 9 but can identify colors alphabets or digits .she can write and identify only alphabet a and digit 1 and 2 but cant write in order or in sequence but some how she remember songs and has a great taste in music.any thing in rhythm she can enjoy no matter in which language it is.she don't mix up with kids of her own age but very friendly with people elder then her.she don't want to play,run or jump.she can go toilet on her own but can't take a bath own her own.and recently she starts being afraid of people and loud voices .i don't know what to do with her.please any body suggest some thing.
ainy zarar.

tips to overcome PDD
by: uma

My son at 2 years was diagnosed as PDD, language delay was the major concern, but thanks to medical technology and therapies he is way ahead off his peers in other areas and almost reaching his target , started going to school and enjoys the activities.

Get ur child eavlauted by Educational Pscychologist with ur concerns about ur child if ur child goes to school take the feedback from teachers, do not hide any facts as this would really put u in trouble by not identifying his problem at an early stage. The Educational pscychologist after evalaution if suggests therapies hire one and closely work with him/ her and regularly practice the same work at home too. There are enough web sites which will give you an idea how to work as a parent.

I would suggest keep confidence in urself and your child, have faith in god, never loose hope, have patience, keep urself morally strong and supportive , take help of ur dear and near ones who can share the load and ur thoughts, let the child have good food and lots of vegetables, fruits, clean environment and lots of fresh air, and let him play with his/her age children regularly at park or at home, take the child to others houses, welcome others to ur house so that child become social , intially he/she may not get involed but later u will find the difference.I was told by my doctor to avoid milk, wheat and processed foods as far as possible.

Be supportive to ur child tell that u love him/her ,at the same time teach discipline and also to be independent. All that I mentioned really worked for me.

Wishing u all the best.May god bless.

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