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This parent support page contains links to questions asked by parents just like you! I hope you find the answers and discussions helpful.

Currently, submissions are closed owing to a very heavy work load, but hopefully they will reopen in the near future. thank you for understanding!

Parents Share:

Click below to read the questions, experiences, encouragement and advice of other parents ...

My son can't draw or write well! 
My 5 year old son can tell you his birth-date, the abc's, count to twenty and tell you all the shapes. However drawing the shapes or anything looks like …

Visual Processing Disorder and Midline Crossing 
I was called by a teacher yesterday who explained that she had an exercise that she thought would help my 9 year old son read better. I met her after school …

How to teach son to skip? 
My 6 year old son has a gross motor skills delay. The resource room teacher working with him has been trying to teach him to skip for about a month …

How to help my son improve his pencil grip and write 
My son is 3 years and 10 months and is struggling with his motor skills especially writing and pencil grip. He does not seem interested in either writing …

Understanding Autism 
I live in New Delhi India- a high school teacher by profession and a mother of a 5 year old Autistic? PDD? child. My son has mild sensory issues. He …

How to help my timid child 
My son aged 4 has just started grade k-1. He is smart but he is a little timid. If a child hits him he won't say anything to the teacher - he would cry …

Crossing the midline - I had no idea! 
I had no idea that there was such a thing as not being able to cross the midline until I was told my 4 year old daughter had it. I asked every teacher …

Do kids catch up and overcome their gross motor delays as they get older? 
My son is a younger twin (smaller one too) and had to repeat a year at school as he is slow and cannot do many activities due to his delay. PE is a challenge …

I am ready to scream! 
Hi Fellow Moms: May 10th 2010, we adopted a 4 year old with a multitude of physical, emotional and developmental problems. Memorial Day weekend we …

Skills for a Left-Handed child 
My 4 year-old son is left-handed and both his father and I are right handed. He's doing well in preschool in terms of learning fine motor skills, and we're …

You can also find more specific gross motor and fine motor questions over at these pages:

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