Gross Motor Activities for PE Class and Classroom

by Linda Butler
(Charlotte , nc)

I want to find specific gross motor activities to integrate in physical education classes as well as classroom for k-2 children with core strength and gross and fine motor problems. It would be wonderful to have set stations for k-2 classes to go to for the first 15 minutes of their day, working on specific skills. Any ideas?

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Doing Mat activities
by: T.M

Hi there,
Well, it depends on the size of your group and if you have a access to a hall or other area where the activities can be set up, and if you have an assistant to help the kids through the activities.

I know some teachers who split the class between themselves and the assistant and they each do one or 2 exercises with their group. OT Mom has some core exercises and other gross motor exercises you can do with a bunch of kids.

But what I have found works well is if you have some kids on the mat with you for reading or math or whatever, and you do one or 2 exercises at the beginning of mat time with those kids. It only takes a few minutes, focuses them, and the regular practice builds their skills.

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