Give 5 Year Old More Time?

by Concerned Mom

My five year old son is not in Kindergarten yet but is struggling with fine motor skills.

He hates writing and even when I try to get him to trace things his lines are shaky and he gets frustrated. It is hard for him to make a ball or roll a snake with playdough. And scissors are a nightmare!

I am wondering if I should get him evaluated by an OT so they can work on things before Kindergarten. Or if I should just give it time?

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Helping Your Son
by: Tracey

Hi Concerned Mom,

I'm sorry to hear of your son's difficulties. At this age, he really should not be experiencing those levels of frustration with tasks like that.

I would definitely want to see if he can be helped ASAP, so that by the time he starts Kindergarten, he can concentrate on learning and not be distracted by his frustration with fine motor tasks.

I would really recommend that you see an OT, who can help get to the bottom of his difficulties and help you address them as soon as possible. If you have a long waiting period for an appointment, why not try my inexpensive Fine Motor E-Books, which will help you work on fine motor skills with your son in a non-threatening way - most activities don't use a pencil and help to build up hand and finger strength and dexterity in a fun way. (check out the scissor cutting book as well!)

I hope that helps! I really believe that if a child is showing frustration at not being able to do what peers are doing, we should step in and help.

by: nozi

I want to know how to teach my kids how to hold pen at foundation face

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