Abdominal Exercises for Kids

Why Are They Important?

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abdominal exercises for kids

Abdominal exercises for kids can help to strengthen your child’s core muscles, which are are vital to classroom performance.

Without a stable core, your child may struggle to sit still at a desk and to carry out fine motor tasks. This in turn may affect concentration and the quality of written work.

Why Is A Strong Core Important?

child sitting posture

The core muscles are the many different muscles in the abdomen and back that work together to support your spine and hold you upright. The muscles around the shoulder girdle and the hips also form part of the core.

Imagine trying to paint a wall while dangling from a rope or working on a wobbly stepladder. The paint will go everywhere and it will be really hard to get the paint to land on the right spot.

You need a stable base in order to paint easily and effectively.

A stable stepladder gives you the stable base
that you need in order to paint.

Your core muscles should give you a stable base
(core stability)
to enable you carry out your daily tasks with minimum effort and no strain on your body.

  • Good core stability will help your child to maintain a good sitting posture at the desk, and will help develop a stable, supportive base for gross motor and fine motor movements.
  • In the long run, developing your child's core muscles will help your child to avoid the lower back pain with which so many adults are plagued.
  • If your child is already a keen athlete, strengthening the trunk muscles will enable your child to use the arms and legs more strongly, in a more coordinated way.
  • Using abdominal exercises for kids will also have a positive impact on your child’s balance and improve the ability to sit well at a desk instead of slouching all over it!
  • Your child’s endurance of gross and fine motor tasks may also improve after incorporating regular abdominal exercises into the weekly routine.

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Does My Child Have Weak Core Muscles?

child poor sitting posture

Does your child do any of the following?

  • Hooking arms over the back of the chair, rocking on the chair and generally driving you crazy with an inability to sit still in a chair?
  • Instead of sitting upright, a tendency to lie all over the desk, supporting the body weight on the arms and propping the head in a hand?
  • Preferring to lie down to watch TV instead of sitting upright, or preferring to lie down during mat work at school?
  • Slouching the body against the nearest wall or table, instead of standing up straight?
  • Struggling to balance while lifting one leg off the ground, or losing balance easily during gross motor activities and sports?
  • Poor gross motor skills and general clumsiness?
  • Avoids climbing on playground equipment and/or trees?

An assessment by a pediatric physical therapist or occupational therapist can help to identify and treat the underlying cause of the poor core stability, which may be low muscle tone, developmental delay, sensory processing disorder or a genetic disorder among other things.

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Easy Abdominal Exercises For Kids

If you need some ideas for easy abdominal exercises for kids to do at home, school, and play, then check out my free core exercises for kids.

There are some helpful tips and photographed exercises on that page that can help parents to give their child's core strength a boost.

If you are looking for a whole range of exercises, then check out my Core Exercises E-book.

For the price of a couple of cheap coffees you can download an e-book containing more than 20 pages of photographed core exercises for kids.

Read a full description and reviews over here!

core strengthening exercises for kids

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