OT Mom Affiliate Program

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Join the OT Mom Affiliate Program and earn 30% commission
on sales of my e-books!

If you have a blog or website and like my e-books enough to tell others about them, you can earn 30% commission on sales from referrals!

I have hosted my e-books at E-Junkie since 2011 and they have been great to work with. Their affiliate program software will track all the sales made from your referral and will give me the data I need in order to pay you monthly.

It is really easy to do - here's how!

  1. Sign Up
  2. Pick Your Images
  3. Promote the E-books
  4. Get Paid

Sign Up!

  1. Follow this link to my affiliate page at E-Junkie
  2. Register yourself at E-Junkie. (If you are already registered with E-Junkie, then follow the above link and log in.)
  3. If you are new, they will send an activation code to your email address. After you enter this, you will land on a page where you can add your name/business name and your PayPal email address (so I can pay you!). Submit this info.
  4. A new page will come up. Click on "Get Affiliate Code".
  5. Select Merchant (OT Mom Learning Activities)
  6. You will see various affiliate hop links - a general one and specific ones.

    the "Get Common Affiliate Hop Link" near the top is the link that will take your visitor to my general E-book page, where they can view all the e-books.

    * further down the E-Junkie page there is a drop down menu under "Get Product Specific Hop Links". Click on the arrow on the right of the drop down and choose the specific e-book you want to promote. Then click on "get Affiliate Code". This code will take your visitor to a specific e-book or bundle.

  7. Copy and use the links when you are sending your visitors to the e-book/s, and/or use it with an image (see below for images you can use). You can mix and match the links and images as you wish!
  8. Remember, any sale generated from your link will earn you commission. So if you link to an individual e-book and your visitor buys a bundle, you will receive commission from the bundle sale! (And vice versa!)

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Pick Your Images!

You may copy, save and use these general images when you review the e-books and send your visitors to my pages.

For images of individual e-books, as well as square images, please visit this page.

Instructions on how to copy and use the images are on that page as well!

For images of individual e-books, as well as mini-banners and square images, please visit my page of additional images!

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Promote The E-Books!

Whether you blog, tweet, or share on Facebook, you will need to actively put your affiliate linkies out there!

Reviewing the e-books can be really helpful when you are promoting them. If you do not already own them, then contact me to fill in your details and request a free set of the e-books.

Get Paid!

E-Junkie's affiliate program software will track all the sales made from your referral and I can access the data a few days after the end of each calendar month. (The slight delay enables E-Junkie to process cancellations if there are any.)

Once your total commissions have reached $20, you will be paid your commission through PayPal by the 20th of the month following. So you will need to have a PayPal account!

The reason for the $20 threshold is because PayPal take a larger commission on smaller amounts. However, if in a calendar year you do not accumulate $20, I will pay out the commissions you have earned, by December 20, in time for Christmas!

So follow this link to my affiliate page at E-Junkie and join the team!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and ask!

Thank you for your interest in my Affiliate Program!

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