Strengthening Fine Motor Skills

Strengthening Fine Motor Skills

This e-book is full of kid-friendly activities for strengthening fine motor skills!

Compiled from the all the fine motor information and activity pages on my site, with lots of new and exclusive ideas thrown in, this e-book is ideal for parents and teachers.

NOTE: The e-book is in PDF format, which makes it easy to read on your PC or tablet, or to print out as you wish!

The activities are aimed primarily at kids age 4 – 9 years, but can easily be used for older kids or adapted for children with disabilities who may need help strengthening fine motor skills.

The activities in this e-book can be used to supplement whatever occupational therapy intervention your child may be receiving, but please be sure to check with your child’s occupational therapist first.

Contents Of This E-Book

  • Introduction to OT Mom’s Fine Motor Activities: 12 pages of vital information on fine motor skills and pencil grasps, including a checklist to analyze your child’s pencil grasp
  • Fine Motor Activities: 26 pages of photographed fine motor activities (see breakdown of contents in section below)
  • Appendices: 22 pages of additional information, including shoulder girdle and core exercises, bilateral coordination exercises and more!
  • Five Page Bonus Planners: essential to successfully implementing the activities at home

Activities To Choose From

  • Hand Strengthening Exercises
  • Hand Dexterity Exercises
  • Isolating The Tripod Fingers
  • Finger Dexterity Exercises
  • Wrist Exercises
  • Thumb Exercises
  • Getting The Most Out Of Playdough

The Appendices contain loads of important information, the most valuable of which are a selection of Shoulder Girdle & Core Exercises and the Bilateral Coordination Activities. Both these sections contain extracts from my gross motor e-books, exclusively contained within this fine motor e-book.

There is also a section on Touch Perception, as well as tips for making a Fine Motor Exercise Box that works well for older kids.

The Goal and Activity Planner included in your e-book will help you implement these fine motor activities at home.

Honesty Point

Although you will find quite a bit of this information if you work your way through my website, this e-book pulls it all together in an accessible format to facilitate strengthening fine motor skills in your child.

There are many activities and tips that are exclusive to my e-book and do not feature on my site.

How Were These Activities Chosen?

While working as a pediatric OT, I had years of experience working with kids in schools as well as in low-income communities. As a homeschooling mom, all 3 of my kids had fine motor “issues” arising at various stages in their development, so all of these activities have been tried and tested for strengthening fine motor skills at home.

I understand first hand the financial restraints that parents face, so I have chosen activities that are easily replicated at home and use inexpensive everyday resources.

As with all the activities on my website, real-life photos accompany the instructions.


"[OT Mom’s Fine Motor Activities] is exactly what a parent would want. I like to understand what I'm dealing with - I like to have as much information as possible: the whys, the whens, the wheres etc and not just the hows. You've got a fantastic product here and it's very useful for people like me."

Taryn Hayes
Cape Town
Homeschooling mother of 4

"My 5-year-old son has severe developmental delays on almost every level, and it has been recommended that he attend special schooling. As there is a waiting list, I decided to help my son in any way I could until such time he was placed, as I feel that early intervention is crucial. In my search for information, I found OT Mom's website and I am so very glad that I did!

OT Mom's Fine Motor e-book in particular is wonderful. It gives a wealth of information on how to help my son with strengthening fine motor skills. The lay-out is easy to follow and logical, with none of the sometimes complicated medical jargon other professionals use. Each activity is beautifully illustrated with colorful photographs and it is such fun trying these various activities with my son. I can already see an improvement in his skills and as a result his self-confidence is blossoming!

I cannot thank Tracey enough for making her e-book available to all parents and I would hugely recommend to anyone who might need fact, I already have!"

Yolanda, mother of four
South Africa

Purchasing The E-Book

For the price of a quick lunch out, you can have access to an e-book full of fine motor activities for your child.

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Why Is This E-Book Not Free?

If you have stumbled upon this page by accident, you may be wondering why my e-books are not free! I cannot afford to maintain a website of this calibre without a source of income.

I have kept the prices as low as possible, but if you genuinely cannot afford an e-book, and need more than the free resources I already offer on my site, then feel free to contact me to explain your situation.

I invite you to explore my activity pages for strengthening fine motor skills on my website if you need free information or a sample of what I offer.

E-Book Disclaimer

Thank you for your interest in my products!

› Fine Motor Activities E-Book

› Fine Motor Activities E-Book

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