Christmas Scissor Cutting Activities

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Christmas Scissor Cutting Activities Kids Paper Crafts

Use these Christmas Scissor Cutting resources to help your child develop scissor skills AND have fun making Christmas paper crafts!

Each Christmas Cutting Activity comes with photographed instructions followed immediately by the template needed for that activity, making it easier for you to print out exactly the template you want.

Each template is also repeated in the Templates section at the end of the e-book for those who want to print them all at once,

NOTE: The e-book is in PDF format, which makes it easy to read on your PC or tablet, or to print out as you wish! You need to have Adobe Reader or equivalent.

Contents Of This E-Book

The templates for each activity are included immediately after each activity and then repeated (some with alternatives) at the end of the e-book.

  1. Scissor Cutting Tips: to help your child make the most of every cutting activity
  2. Snipping Crafts: 2 different activities for beginner.
  3. Straight Line Crafts: 3 different paper crafts using straight lines, to help your child master cutting on a straight line.
  4. Shape Crafts: 7 Christmas craft ideas that use shapes cut out by your child. Ranging from circles and rectangles, to stars. 
  5. Templates: All the templates are repeated and collated for your convenience and ease of printing.

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Why A Christmas Scissor Cutting E-Book?

Many Christmas activities are designed with kids in mind who already have good fine motor skills, but often kids with poor fine motor skills feel frustrated at not being able to come up with a nice end product.

I have always enjoyed helping kids be creative within their abilities, so I decided to put together scissor cutting activities which, when done with some adult guidance, can help the child feel they have made something special that can be a blessing to others at Christmas time.

A second motivation for this e-book was to put together paper crafts which have a specific Christian Christmas theme, as I often look for Christian Christmas crafts for kids and struggle to find easy ones. So these activities are mostly all nativity centred (except for a Christmas tree) - no snowmen or Santas in here!

Some of the activities and templates can be found on my site for free, so feel free to browse! However, if you want the convenience of all the templates at your fingertips and easy access to the activities year after year, then please consider buying the e-book and supporting my site. There are many activities that are unique to my e-book and won't be on my site!

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Purchasing This E-Book

For the price of a couple of cheap coffees, you can have Christmas scissor cutting activities that you can reprint over and over each year. Just save the e-book to a folder on your device and access it when you want it!

Pay with your credit card through PayPal OR with your PayPal account. Check out my E-Book FAQ if you have any questions.

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Need Free Stuff?

Some of the paper craft ideas and other Christmas activities are found on my website, so please feel to browse my pages and download the free templates that are found there.

Thank you for your interest in my Christmas Cutting Activities E-Book!

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