Bible Christmas Word Search Printables

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These Bible Christmas word search printables are 100% based on the nativity and are suitable for kids of all ages.

Word searches are a great way to help kids work on figure-ground perception and visual discrimination skills, and I love being able to provide nativity-themed word searches that help build those skills.

All my word searches use lower-case letters, to help reinforce reading skills.

23 Christmas Bible Word Searches for kids plus 5 bonus pages!Get 23 Unique Word Searches + 5 Bonus Pages!

Most of my Christmas word searches come in two levels of difficulty:

  • Easier: the words run vertically and horizontally, and there are usually fewer words
  • More Challenging: the words run vertically, horizontally, diagonally and sometimes backwards and there are usually more words than in the easier version.

Bible Christmas Word Search Topics

All my Christmas word searches are developed with the Bible in mind – for Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus Christ!

Some of the word searches have a short Bible passage at the top of the page, and the words to be found are underlined in the passage.

Other word searches are “words only” and contain a list of words at the top that come from a Bible passage / are based on a nativity event

Christian christmas word searches
find related words in this Christian Christmas Word search

If you purchase this printable worksheet pack (only $7!), these are the 23 unique, nativity based word searches you will receive: 

  • Isaiah 9 Word Search
    (Bible passage: Isaiah 9:6)
    Available in “easier”, and “more challenging”

  • Zechariah and Elizabeth Word Search
    (Words only - from Luke 1)
    Available in “easier”, and “more challenging”
23 unique Christmas Bible word searches - nativity basedBased on different aspects of the Christmas story
  • The Angel’s Message to Joseph
    (Bible passage: Matthew 1: 20-21)
    Available in “easier”, and “more challenging”
  • Gabriel’s Message to Mary
    (Bible passage: Luke 1: 30-32)
    Available in “easier”, and “more challenging”
  • The Birth of Jesus Word Search 1
    (Bible passage: Luke 2: 6-7)
    Available in “easier”, and “more challenging”
  • The Birth of Jesus Word Search 2
    (Words only - from Luke 2)
    Available in “easier”, and “more challenging”
  • The Angel’s Message to the Shepherds
    (Bible passage: Luke 2: 10-12)
    Available in “easier”, and “more challenging
  • The Angels Glorify God Word Search
    (Bible passage:  Luke 2: 13-14)

    Available in “easier”, and “more challenging”
  • Simeon’s Song of Praise Word Search
    (Bible passage: Luke 2: 28-32)
    Available in “easier”, and “more challenging”
  • The Magi visit Jesus Word Search
    (Bible passage: Matthew 2: 10-11)
    Available in “easier”, and “more challenging”
  • Names of Jesus Word Search
    (Words only – references given for each Name)
    Available in “easier”, and “more challenging”
  • Christmas Carols Word Search
    (Words only)
    Only one version – challenging!
Easy and challenging Christmas word searches for kidsChoose between easy and more challenging
Bible nativity christmas word searches with solutionsSolutions provided for each word search!

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Bonus Pages

These 5 word searches were either previously available for free on my website, or are currently in the free printable Christmas Word Search download – I've included them in this printable pack for your convenience, as bonus pages!

  • Easy Nativity Word Search
    (8 words to do with Jesus’ birth)
  • Angels and Shepherds Word Search
    (12 words to do with the angels and the shepherds)
  • People of Christmas Word Search
    (12 names of people involved in Jesus’ birth)
  • Wise Men Word Search
    (10 words to do with the wise men and their visit to Jesus)
  • Nativity Bible Passage Word Search
    (Fill in the missing words from Luke 2:8-14, then find those words in the word search)

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Not Convinced? Try My Free Word Searches!

I developed these free Bible Christmas word search printables a few years ago to help kids work on visual perception and figure ground perception. They were recently updated and combined into a single document.

You can download them from this page, to see if this product is right for you!

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Thanks for your interest! I hope you are blessed and encouraged by these fun Christmas word searches you can do with your child!

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