12 year old with Fine Motor Delays

by Elaine

My 12 year old son was not officially diagnosed with poor fine motor skills. Although a doctor did express his concerns, no more came of it. He still can't butter toast, struggles to fasten buttons and tie his shoe laces. I think I should mention this to his teachers as he is starting secondary school and will be doing home economics and metal work etc...
I'd appreciate some advice, thank you.

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Some ideas
by: OT Mom

Hi there,
I would really recommend that you ask your local health professional for an assessment/referral. If he is struggling that much with everyday tasks of life at his age, then he should qualify for some intervention from an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist, depending on where the problem is.

In the meantime, you could try some of my fine motor suggestions for older kids. He obviously would not want to do "kids exercises" in front of his peers, but he may be happy to have a box of activities on hand to do them at home before homework in the afternoons. Playdough is a great hand strengthener, you could ask him to roll small balls of playdough with his fingers to mobilise them a bit. Or use the real version - biscuit dough, bread dough or pastry - perhaps a weekend baking session is in order?!

I would definitely let his teachers know, and definitely get the wheels in motion for his poor fine motor skills to be addressed by an OT or physio.

I hope this helps!

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