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Pencil Grasp - All You Need To Know!

All you need to know about a child's pencil grasp!

Continue reading "Pencil Grasp - All You Need To Know!"

Letter Formation Activities

Help your child master number and letter formations with these easy letter formation activities!

Continue reading "Letter Formation Activities"

Letter Formation Tips and Strategies

Is your child struggling to form letters correctly? These letter formation tips and strategies may help!

Continue reading "Letter Formation Tips and Strategies"

Is It OK For My Child To Be Ambidextrous?

This article explores some of the implications for kids who are "ambidextrous".

Continue reading "Is It OK For My Child To Be Ambidextrous?"

Gross Motor Exercises In The Classroom

Simple, effective gross motor exercises for teachers to use in the classroom.

Continue reading "Gross Motor Exercises In The Classroom"

Christmas Scissor Cutting Activities For Kids

An OT Mom E-book packed with Christmas scissor cutting activities for your child.

Continue reading "Christmas Scissor Cutting Activities For Kids"

Fine Motor Christmas Activities

Let your child have fun working on hand and finger skills with this range of fine motor Christmas activities

Continue reading "Fine Motor Christmas Activities"

Christmas Paper Crafts For Kids

These christmas paper crafts for kids can help them work on fine motor and eye-hand coordination skills.

Continue reading "Christmas Paper Crafts For Kids"

Preschool Handwriting Preparation

Pre-writing activities are an important part of preschool handwriting preparation.

Continue reading "Preschool Handwriting Preparation"

Fine Motor ABC Book Review

Fine Motor ABC is a unique book that can appeal to children and caregivers alike!

Continue reading "Fine Motor ABC Book Review"

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