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Preschool Handwriting Preparation

Pre-writing activities are an important part of preschool handwriting preparation.

Continue reading "Preschool Handwriting Preparation"

Fine Motor ABC Book Review

Fine Motor ABC is a unique book that can appeal to children and caregivers alike!

Continue reading "Fine Motor ABC Book Review"

Benefits Of Baking With Kids

Baking with kids can have lots of benefits - it can help with math, planning and coordination skills!

Continue reading "Benefits Of Baking With Kids"

Preschool Visual Motor Worksheets

Use these preschool visual motor worksheets to supplement your daily activity schedule.

Continue reading "Preschool Visual Motor Worksheets"

Learning Activities

Why do some kids need extra learning activities?

Continue reading "Learning Activities"

Preschool Learning Activities

Give your child a good foundation for reading and writing with these simple preschool learning activities!

Continue reading "Preschool Learning Activities "

Max and Me - A Sensory Processing Book for Kids

"Max and Me" - a wonderful sensory processing story for kids.

Continue reading "Max and Me - A Sensory Processing Book for Kids"

Fun Playdough Activities

Playdough Activities can benefit your child in many ways!

Continue reading "Fun Playdough Activities"

What Is Visual Motor Integration?

Parent-friendly information on visual motor integration and helpful activity links to develop this skill for handwriting.

Continue reading "What Is Visual Motor Integration?"

Handwriting For Kids

What are the factors affecting handwriting for kids? Helpful info and activity ideas!

Continue reading "Handwriting For Kids"

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SPD in the classroom

SPD in babies and toddlers

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Misophonia - What is it?

Misophonia: When Everyday Noises Make Your Life Unbearable

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