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Do your kids do chores?
April 05, 2024

Do Your Kids Do Chores?

Do YOUR kids do chores? SHOULD your kids be doing chores?

Did you know that helping around the house could actually help your kids develop their gross motor skills?

That’s right - not only can your child develop a sense of responsibility and learn perseverance through doing chores, but they can also develop coordination skills and strengthen their upper body and core muscles.

Even pre-schoolers and toddlers can join in with simple tasks geared to their abilities.

In addition, if your child is struggling to concentrate, is feeling overwhelmed or struggling with sensory overload, the heavy muscle work of chores can be calming and help your child to focus!

So pop on over to my site to read how helping with the laundry and cleaning can give your child some added gross motor input.

Chores to build gross motor skills

I hope you find these pages useful!

Please do feel free to share this info with anyone you think would benefit.

Thanks so much for joining me again this month. All the best as you help the children in your life!


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