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Have you tossed a bean bag recently?
April 16, 2024

Have You Tossed A Bean Bag Recently?

Bean bags are one of those ubiquitous items of childhood, found in many homes and classrooms all over the world. Even if they are no longer filled with beans, you know exactly what I am talking about!

As an OT and a mom, I love using bean bags to help kids develop their gross motor skills, because they don’t roll away when a kid drops one!

They are also easier to use indoors as they don’t bounce into things like picture frames and vases LOL!

In addition, they are often easier to catch and grasp than a ball, which makes it easier to use when kids have poor gross motor or coordination skills.

If your bean bags have been languishing in a cupboard lately, this page of my site may inspire you with some simple bean bag activities and games to use with young kids to help them develop their coordination skills and general gross motor abilities.

Bean bag activities for gross motor development

I hope you find these pages useful!

Please do feel free to share this info with anyone you think would benefit.

Thanks so much for joining me again this month. All the best as you help the children in your life!


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This information and the suggested activities on my email and website are meant to promote your child’s normal development. If you are at all concerned about your child's development, please consult your health professional. The information on my email and website is not intended to take the place of an occupational therapy evaluation and treatment!

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