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When Last Did Your Child Play Memory Game?
July 18, 2023

When Last Did Your Child
Play Memory Game?

Also known as “Concentration”, memory games made of matching cards have been a childhood staple for decades.

For some reason, kids often beat their parents – probably because our brains are so busy with other things that we struggle to focus on the cards!

But if your child has not played this game for a while, I am here to encourage you to work a few games in during the rest of the vacation time.

Here’s why...

Memory Game / Concentration is a great way to boost your child’s visual memory skills. And visual memory skills are really important foundation for learning to read and write!

Kids with poor visual memory skills may struggle to recognize numbers and letters and may find it hard to remember sight words.

Visual memory also feeds into visual sequential memory skills, which is important for remembering the sequence of letters – so important for spelling!

So grab your family and sit down for a Memory Game challenge!

Need some tips? Then check out my page on visual memory activities – I show you how to play with a young child, and also how to use an adaptation of “Kim’s Game" to boost this important visual perceptual skill!

Visual Memory Activities!

Visual Sequential Memory Activities!

I hope you find these pages useful!

Please do feel free to share this email with anyone you think will benefit from this information!

Thanks so much for joining me again this month! And enjoy the rest of your vacation time!


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