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Core Values - why core strength is important!
May 25, 2022

Core Values!

Why Core Strength Is Important

Imagine trying to paint a wall while dangling from a rope or working from a shaking stepladder. It’s really hard to paint neatly and accurately if you are wobbling!

Just as you need your stepladder to be your stable base in order to paint effectively, your body needs core strength to provide core stability in order to carry out your daily tasks with minimum effort and no strain on your body.

Good core strength and stability will help your child to maintain a good sitting posture at the desk. In addition, having a strong core is important for gross motor and fine motor skills, as well as for handwriting!

With summer vacation just around the corner, why not try to incorporate some simple core exercises into each day?

The free core exercises on my site are super easy to implement and can help your child develop a stronger core, with all the benefits that go with it!

An exciting new development is the translation of my “core” pages into Spanish, so if you have any Spanish speaking friends, family or students, please do share these pages with them!

Free Core Exercises for Kids!

Gratis! Ejercicios para Fortalecer el Core de los Niños!

¿Por qué es Importante Fortalecer el Core de los Niños?

Please do feel free to share this email or webpage with anyone you think will benefit from getting some simple, free core exercises for kids!

Thanks so much for joining me again this month! Keep healthy and strong!


Living Life Abundantly!
John 10:10

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