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What Is Muscle Tone? (And Get Your Leap Year Discount!)
February 28, 2024

What Is Muscle Tone?

(And A Leap Year Discount!)

Have you ever wondered what muscle tone is, and how low muscle tone can affect a child’s functioning?

This was one of the first pages I put together on my website, as it was a question that was being asked by so many parents and teachers.

So if you are looking for a simple overview of muscle tone, and a real-life example of how low or high muscle tone can affect an everyday task, then please do pop on over and read my updated page!

A simple overview of muscle tone

Leap Year Discount!

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As for our family, my kids have fond memories of making and eating frog-decorated cookies and cupcakes on a long-ago leap year - so even though they are almost young adults now, guess what we will be doing on the 29th?

You’re never too old for a frog cupcake!

I hope you find these pages useful!

Please do feel free to share this info with anyone you think would benefit!

Thanks so much for joining me again this month!


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