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Does scissor cutting technique matter? And what about lefties?
August 31, 2023

Does Scissor Cutting Technique Matter?

And What About Lefties?

Parents often ask me whether it is really necessary to get left-handed scissors for their left-handed kids. And my answer is always a resounding “Yes!”

The blades of true left-handed scissors are fitted differently to those on right-handed scissors. This facilitates a good cutting motion and helps kids to cut on the line when the scissors are held correctly in the left hand.

And this in turn promotes the development of good fine motor skills to help your child with handwriting!

Left handed children should always be using their left hands to cut with left-handed scissors – and this page of my website explains why!

Are Left-Handed Scissors Really Necessary?

Does Technique Matter?

Does it matter which fingers are going through the holes of the scissors, and does it matter how your child holds the paper when cutting?

If your child is struggling to cut with scissors, then it helps to pay attention to how the scissors are being grasped, and to take a look at how the “helping” hand is holding the paper.

There are small changes that can make a big difference to how effectively your child cuts with scissors.

So do check out my article below!

Correct Scissor Cutting Technique Is Important!

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