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Can your child recognise partially hidden objects?
March 22, 2023

Can Your Child Recognize
Partially Hidden Objects?

Is your child able to read words even when they are smudged or partially obscured?

Can your child find objects even when they are partially hidden?

If your child struggles with this skill, you may want to try some simple visual closure activities.

Visual closure is a visual perceptual skill that helps you to make sense of what you see even if it is not completely visible. If you are good at spotting a missing item under a cushion when everyone else can’t find it, then your visual closure skills are probably good!

I have some very simple, free photographed visual closure activities on my website, that you can do with preschool kids. Slightly older kids may enjoy the worksheets and printable activities that I link to. These will help develop this important skill in preparation for reading and writing!

Have fun!

View my simple visual closure activities!

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This information and the suggested activities on my email and website are meant to promote your child’s normal development. If you are at all concerned about your child's development, please consult your health professional. The information on my email and website is not intended to take the place of an occupational therapy evaluation and treatment!

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