Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle 2021 - An Honest Review

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ultimate homeschooling bundle reviewFlash Sale Now On! Oct 11-13 2021!

Whether you were thrown in the deep end by the pandemic  or you have been homeschooling for a while, you may find some helpful resources and support in this Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle!

This bundle has products that can help parents who are looking at back-to-school hybrid / blended learning plans, as well as "regular" homeschoolers. Many of these products can help make learning at home a bit more fun in these challenging times!

You can get 50 quality homeschooling resources, valued at more than $1800 for just $37!

But for many of us at the moment, spending $37 is a lot of money, and you will want to consider carefully if this Bundle is the best one for you. I wrote this page because I know how tricky it can be to try and make a decision about buying a Bundle Deal in such a short space of time - the Bundle is only available from Wed July 14th 2021 @ 8am ET - Monday July 19th 2021 @ 11:59pm ET!  Flash Sale Mon Oct 11th 2021 @ 12:01am ET - Wed Oct 13th 2021 @ 11:59pm ET!

Honesty Point: I am a previous contributor to the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle, as well as an affiliate. I will receive a commission if you purchase anything through my link, but you are under no obligation to purchase anything! Get this deal only if it is right for you!

What's Included In The Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle?

In short - this bundle contains 50 homeschooling resources that cover the whole age range from preschool to high school, with a huge variety of different subjects and catering for a variety of learning styles.

  • There are e-books, workbooks and printable packs for preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school students
  • There are online courses and conferences for parents
  • There are online courses and resources for kids and teens
  • There are a variety of planning and organizing resources to help new parents figure out their own family's homeschool journey

PLUS there are a multitude of bonus gifts, that alone are worth over $150!

So check it out, take time to look at my review below, and see if this bundle is a good fit for you! But remember, the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle is only available from July 14 - 19, Oct 11-13 2021

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Exciting Resources For All Ages!

We have been homeschooling since 2008, so I currently have 2 high school teens and a middle school teen and I have used various homeschooling resources over the years.

Even if you are currently using resources sent home by your child's school, there are still a lot of products that will interest and flair to your child's learning experience, and make the blended learning experience a more fulfilling one!

There are 8 resources for PreK and Kindergarten - these are worth $445.94 in total if you purchased them individually from the authors' sites.

This year's Bundle resources include a variety of printable resources to develop phonics, language arts and math skills, an e-course to help you support struggling readers, as well as a full year's membership to Other Goose for an all-in-one homeschooling plan!

There are 12 varied resources for elementary aged children, worth $297.95 in all.

This year's Bundle includes resources to get your kids excited about history, art, money management (economics), the states of the USA, countries of the world, and much, much more!

The resources come in the form of unit studies, workbooks, notebook journals, and activity sheets, which can be stored on your device, printed out, and used over and over again with all your children! In addition, there is an e-course of activities from Wild Happy Families that can be used for the whole family.

The art project workbook pack is particularly fantastic value for money- I have found this author's resources to be super-helpful in helping my own kids learn the basics of art and drawing over the years, and it is useful for older kids as well as kids in this age group. The pack she is offering in this bundle is worth $129!

Valued at $219.93, these 10 resources include e-book courses for Art History, Famous Inventors, Photoshop and Creative Writing as well as a Christian-based creative art course. 

There is also an Ancient Greece and Egypt unit study,  a printable devotional, a resource to help your child improve mental processing speed, and a study aid on Henry Ossawa Tanner.

$677.49 in 8 resources for high school students - that is a bargain, as resources for this age group are usually harder to come by!

This year's Bundle  contains an online music course about 10 lesser-known composers, a business e-course, a personal finance e-course, an online literary guide,  and a leadership course for girls. In addition, printable resources cover poetry and origins history.

There are 12 resources for parents in this bundle, worth $153.41!

These include 4 e-courses, especially geared to help parents to get started with homeschooling and overcome common pitfalls. In addition, there are some great printable resources to help parents set up a chore routine, survive summer, plan your own unit studies, prepare your teen for college and organise your homeschool. You will also get a 1 year Digital Homeschool Convention Membership (worth $21.50).

And don't forget the bonus resources valued at over $150, which include digital toolkits, online memberships (including my son's favorite: 3 months membership at guitar ecademy worth $30), as well as a few physical items.

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Are The Resources Secular or Faith Based?

Most of the resources in the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle seem to be written from a neutral perspective, addressing skills and issues that are common to all homeschoolers.

These authors may share their individual faith or beliefs in their bio's, but the ideas and principles contained in the resources are applicable across all spectrums of homeschooling (eg resources for phonics, art, country studies) and the author's beliefs are not shared in the actual resources.

However, the following resources (10 out of the 50) are definitely presented from a Christian faith-based viewpoint with some Bible verses etc in the product:
(this is not a comprehensive list, as it was very time consuming to go through each and every product completely, so I may have missed a couple, but there really were very few presented from a specific viewpoint)

Specifically Faith Based:

  • Learn your Letters, Learn to Serve (PreK and Kindergarten)
  • All About Weather (Elementary)
  • The Seven Churches: Lessons from the Book of Revelation (Elementary)
  • Obedience Devotional (Middle School)
  • The heART of you (Middle School)
  • Business in a Bundle (High School - some spiritual content) 
  • Homeschool Simplified (Parent)
  • I Can Homeschool 5 Day Challenge (Parent)
  • High School to College (Parent)
  • Reading Rewards Print Pack (Parent)

The bulk of the resources are presented from a "neutral/secular" point of view.

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Why The Bundle May Not Be The Best Fit For You

As with every purchase, there are pro's and con's - I have tried to make your life easier by pointing out some of the negatives...

1) There are lots of resources in the Bundle and it can be overwhelming to work through them all.

However, the organizers of the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle have done their best to make it as easy as possible, with a video to walk you through how to organize and access your resources. You will see this video on your account page after purchase, and all the bonuses and resources will be at your fingertips right away.

You also have 6 months to access and download everything, but, yeah, it is a lot to work through!

2) You will probably not use all the resources.

For example if all your kids are in middle school and older, you probably won't use the preschool and elementary resources. The high school section also has the fewest number of resources, but the resources that are there are still worth a lot more than $37, so see what your family needs at this stage.

We often use e-courses and digital courses during vacations and road trips, because they are informal, fun ways to expose kids to facts and history that they otherwise may miss out on.

They are also great for weeks when mom is sick and can't teach/supervise!

I am saving the Music Composers eCourse (worth $17), the Famous Inventors e-course (worth $14.95)  and the Photoshop course (worth $30) for a sick week or when we all need some downtime!

If your kids are younger, you can save most of the middle and high school resources for when you DO need them. The only thing would be that your access to the online course would have expired by then. But if you look at the range of preschool and elementary resources, as well as the bonuses which are directed to that age group, it definitely seems like a worthwhile buy.

3) It Is A Lot Of Downloading, And Some Of The Files Are Really Big!

This is a bit hectic if you have limited data or internet connectivity issues. However, you get to choose which ones to download and you have 6 months to access your courses and download your documents, so you can spread the data usage over a couple months. Read the descriptions of each resource so you only download what you really need!

4) You May Need To Sign Up With Your Email for Some Of The Resources

You may need to sign up with your email address to access some of the resources (the resources which are courses, summits, audio files or similar) - but you can always unsubscribe from any newsletters once you are done with the course.

However, many of the products are direct downloads which you access directly once you have paid for the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle - no need to give out your email address to access each one. You should NOT receive unwanted emails from the other Bundle contributors!

5) The value of the bundle is a bit overhyped IMHO

Having gone through just about all the products in the bundle, I will be honest and tell you that some of the products are better value for money that others, given their regular price.

From making my own e-books, I know a huge amount of effort goes into each product, but that does not mean we can charge a fortune for them! They are digital products after all! The bundle is hyped as being worth over $1800 - I think the true value is about $800 - $900 for the actual bundle.

But it is still worth WAY more than $37!

And the bonus products obviously add even more value :-) .

Send me to the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle!

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So, Why Should I Get This Deal?

1) It Is An Amazing Price!

Given that I have just written point 5 above, you are probably wondering how I can say this! Honestly? Because I think it still is a great deal if there are products in there that you can use!

Wondering why the prices are so low? The creators of the product are offering their products at a special price to get exposure for their websites and their other products. There are just soooo many awesome homeschool products out there, and this is a great way to find new sources you can trust.

So go through the bundle and make a list of the products you think will be useful.

* Are they worth more than $37?

* Will you be using resources you would never have considered on your own?

But do it quickly! The Bundle will not be available after Monday July 19th Wed Oct 13th!

For me, I was won over by the Complete Workbook Art Pack, that usually retails for $129 and the Art History Course that usually retails for $21.

I am also excited about the resource for improving my kids' mental processing speed (auditory comprehension, perceptual organization etc) as two of my teens still struggle with this.This is worth $12.

I would never have thought of getting these products if they had not been brought to my attention through the Bundle.

If you are looking at a back-to-school hybrid plan, you can enhance your child's blended learning experience with the lovely audio, online and art resources in the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle.

Parents who are undertaking blended schooling with their kids may also find it really helpful to do some of the parent seminars offered - these can help you understand your child's learning style, find out how to schedule your time and theirs, and help you deal with the bad days.

2) All Your Purchases Are Immediately Accessible!

Once you purchase the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle, you will receive an email with all your access information. You can start downloading and accessing your offers right away. Hint: Use the "Getting Started Guide" to help you figure your way around!

All of the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle products are digital and either come as courses or as downloads (PDF downloads or ePub, depending on what kind of resource it is).

Once you have saved them to your computer, you can access them over and over again for each child.

Important Note: a couple of the Bonus products are physical products, and don't ship internationally, which is a bummer for me in South Africa :-(  but the digital bonus products more than made up for the ones I didn't get.

Use the Getting Started Guide to find your way around once you have purchased.

3) You Do NOT Need To Sign Up With Your Email Address For Every Download

Having bought bundle deals from other suppliers in the past, I really resented having to sign up with my email address for Every. Single. Product that I wanted to download. This was super irritating, not to mention feeling invaded by the avalanche of emails I received after downloading. It really put me off getting more bundle deals.

In comparison, the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle gives you instant access to most of the products - you can immediately download all the printables, e-books and workbooks that you want without having to go to each author's website! You don't have to sign up for their newsletter. And you WON'T get a zillion irritating emails!

The only products for which you need to sign up with your email address are the online courses, summits and audio resources, so they can send the course modules to you, and you can easily unsubscribe once the courses are done.

3) There is a 30 Day Happiness Guarantee!

The organizers of the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle will refund you if you are not happy with the purchase - just email them and explain your situation. They are also super ready to help with any tech or download issues you may have, so please do reach out if you have any problems accessing your purchase.

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Over To You!

So, what do you think? To be honest, in every bundle I have ever purchased over the last 12 years, there have been a few products that I was "meh" about. But in this Bundle, there are enough products that I am happy with to make it an overall positive experience.

In addition, I really appreciate that this bundle does not make me give my email address out to a zillion suppliers!

If you are still unsure, why not hop over anyway and browse the products for yourself?

Thanks so much for visiting!


This is not a normal page for me, as my website is not about homeschooling! But I have been a contributor to the Bundle in the past, and have used many of their products in my own homeschool

I hope you found this honest review of the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle to be helpful! Please do share with any others who are considering the Bundle!

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