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OT Mom Activity Updates -- Teacher Special
May 20, 2014

Teachers' Special Alert!

(This is not my usual newsletter! It contains special alerts for teachers, but parents and therapists may find it useful, too)

Summer OT Activities

Teachers, do you have children in your class who would benefit from some OT Activities this vacation?

Do any of your kids need to work on gross motor and fine motor skills in the long summer holidays?

Send their parents to my Discount Deals page with a special Summer Discount code for the Mega Motor Bundle!

Parents can use the code summer2014 for a 15% discount on the Mega Motor Bundle!

For just $17 instead of $20, parents will get all 5 OT Mom E-books to help boost fine motor and gross motor skills in the vacation time. The discount is valid until 31 August 2014.

What if you are not a teacher? That’s ok! Get the word out to anyone you know whose kids would benefit from some OT activities these hols!

Feel free to put the link and the code out on your blog or FB feed, whatever you think will help.

(If your school or clinic wants to make multiple copies for your staff members, use the code summer2014ORG on the “Organization Version” of the Mega Motor Bundle)

Free Download

By popular request, I have made my article on pencil grasp development into a free downloadable PDF - this link will take you to the box on my page from whence you can download it:

Pencil Grasp Development

You can print this PDF and hand it out wherever it will help.

If you want to link to it from your blog, please use the link that I gave you - please do not link directly to the PDF itself.

That’s all for now,

Blessings as you help the children in your care!


John 10:10… Jesus said “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”

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