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Left Handed Kids And Left Handed Scissors
February 15, 2022

Do Lefties Really Need
Left Handed Scissors?

One of the best ways to help kids strengthen their hand muscles and work on their fine motor skills, is to give them lots and lots of practice cutting with scissors.

Using the thumb, index and middle fingers to work the scissors can help the fingers get ready to use a pencil for writing, and occupational therapists all over the world use scissor cutting activities to help kids develop their fine motor skills.

But left handed kids often struggle.

So often we see lefties use their right hand for scissor cutting, or use their left hand awkwardly with right handed scissors.

When this happens, they are losing out on some very important opportunities to strengthen their hand preference and develop good fine motor skills.

Left handed children should be using left handed scissors to cut with their left hands.

Hope on over to this brand new article on my website to find out why, and to find out how to help your child!

Are Left Handed Scissors For Kids Really Necessary?

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