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Preschool Learning Activities
August 25, 2021

The Preschool Years:

Laying Strong Foundations for Learning!

I personally loved the too-short years when my kids (now teens) were preschoolers. Although the days were often physically exhausting just trying to keep up with them, it was just so much fun watching them grow and learn and explore their world.

One thing that stood out for me, was how they took joy in the simplest playtime activities. And it was a great pleasure to know that those simple activities were laying foundations for more formal learning in the later years.

We are often pushed into thinking our kids need the latest toys, gadgets, educational videos and the like. But the truth is that simple playtime activities are often overlooked, when actually they can do our kids the world of good.

You probably already do a lot of reading and playing with your preschool child, which is really important for their learning. I have written an article about a few less obvious preschool playtime activities that can help preschoolers lay strong foundations for reading and writing, with a brief explanation of how the activities can help your child learn.

You probably already have most of these resources at home!

So pop on over to read it and be inspired by how easy it is to help your child get ready for more formal schooling!

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Thanks so much for joining me again this month! Keep healthy and strong!


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