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Summer Discount on my Mega Motor Bundle!
May 24, 2021

20% Discount on my
Mega Motor Bundle!

This is just a heads up that I am running a Summer Promo on my website, with 20% off my Mega Motor Bundle until midnight EST on June 11 2021.

So if you are heading into the summer holidays with a kiddo who needs some gross motor and fine motor support, this bundle will give you an incredible array of activities (with photographed instructions), information, goal planners and much more!

My OT Mom E-books TM are full of simple exercises and activities that can be done at home, with resources that you probably already have on hand!

20% off my Mega Motor Bundle!

For just $20 you will get 6 awesome resources:

Core Exercises for Kids E-Book:

- More than 20 pages of photographed exercises and activity ideas.

- In addition, this 49 page e-book also contains lots of helpful information as well as a goal and activity planner to help you incorporate the activities into your child's routine!

Shoulder Girdle Exercises E-Book:

- 20 pages of photographed exercises that target the shoulder girdle and upper body muscles

- The exercises include weight-bearing exercises, pushing and pulling exercises, exercises with a therapy ball, and chores that may help build shoulder girdle strength.

- In addition, there are lots of information pages to help you, as well as a goal and activity planner.

Bilateral Coordination Activities E-Book:

- More than 24 pages of photographed activities

- There are bilateral activities for hands and arms, activities for legs and feet, bilateral activities in the kitchen, with a therapy ball, chores that use bilateral skills and much, much more!

- In addition, this 55 page e-book also comes with a goal and activity planner, as well as tips and guidelines to help you plan activities to suit your child.

Fine Motor Activities E-Book:

- Lots of helpful information and more than 24 pages of photographed activities to support your child's fine motor skills development.

- The activities address hand strength, in-hand manipulation, finger skills, pencil control, wrist position and more!

- In addition, this 69 page resource provides a goal and activity planner to help you incorporate the activities into your child's routine!

Scissor Skills E-Book:

- There are 4 basic steps to learning to cut with scissors. These are covered in detail in my 33 page e-book, along with photographed activities to help your child master each step.

- In addition, there are tips, activities and a checklist that are found only in the e-book. I have also provided some photos of ways in which kids may struggle with cutting out, and I offer some practical advice that parents and teachers can use to assist these kids.

Cutting Practice Printables E-Book:

- 19 different scissor cutting crafts, all with photographed instructions and a variety of templates - over 50 templates in all!

- Suitable for a range of skills - from preschoolers who are just learning to use scissors, all the way to early elementary kids who need more practice with their scissor skills.

- Starting with simple snipping activities, the templates will enable your child to learn to cut on straight lines and then to cut out shapes.

- All the crafts are photographed so you and your child can see what you are working towards!

- This resource was designed to be used in conjunction with the Scissor Skills E-Book, so the order of the cutting templates follows the steps of teaching your child how to cut with scissors.

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What's the Difference Between The Website And The E-Books?

My website is free and accessible, and contains hundreds of photographed activities, reams of helpful information and tips to help you help your child.

However, to make it easier for parents, I have compiled my fine motor and gross motor information into affordable e-books that can be downloaded and accessed whenever you need them.

The e-books in the Mega Motor Bundle are worth $43 if you purchase them individually. The Mega Motor Bundle usually sells for $25, so with the discount, you will be paying just $20 for $43 resources!

These are great resources to have on hand in the summer holidays, so please do share with your class if you are a teacher, or with your friends, if you are a parent!

What Ages Of Children Are The E-Books Aimed At?

Most of the activities have been demonstrated / photographed using kids aged about 5-8 years old, but are also suitable for older and younger children, depending on their individual abilities and/or delays.

The e-books were written to help children develop a good foundation for school skills, so preschool children were kept in mind for most of the activities.

Younger Kids: most of the activities are suitable for younger children, depending on their abilities. I recommend that you introduce activities in a playful manner, and enjoy them as time spent with your child. If your child struggles, take a break and come back to the activity at a later stage, perhaps after trying some of the easier activities in the e-books.

Older Kids: older children who are struggling with gross and fine motor skills can still benefit from activities in the e-book. However they often respond better to the activities being done as an exercise routine (eg 10 snake curls and 10 donkey kicks in the morning) as opposed to a fun playtime activity that mom initiates with younger kids.

Older kids are also able to understand the reasoning behind the exercises, so do take some time to explain the benefits of each activity/exercise and the importance of doing it correctly. Fine motor skills can also be addressed with certain activities being assigned as daily exercises before handwriting/homework sessions. Please do feel free to share the details of this discount with anyone you think will benefit from these resources this summer!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! I personally hate repetitive sales emails, so this is the only one you will get regarding my summer discount! I just did not want you to miss out ;)

Keep healthy and strong!


Living Life Abundantly!
John 10:10

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