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Updated and Revised E-Books - Have You Got Yours Yet?
December 27, 2019

Updated and Revised E-Books!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends, and that you are looking forward to the new decade!

I don’t usually pop into your inbox at this time of year, but I do have important news for you that just can’t wait another week!

Do You Have My Updated E-Books?

In November, I finally completed updating and revising my current e-books, and I launched them in place of my old ones. If you purchased any of my e-books since November 17 2019, you received the updated and revised ones.

But if you purchased the e-books before then, you have the original version and I would really like to let you get your hands on the updated and revised versions at no extra cost!

My admin assistant and I have been steadily sending out emails to all who purchased the e-books this year – we will hopefully be done with this by the end of December, so if you purchased an e-book from me this year, but have not yet received an email from us, sit tight, you will hopefully get one soon. The email contains the download links for the updated e-books, so do look out for it in your inbox. And do feel free to email me in January if you have not yet received it.

If you purchased an e-book or bundle from me before 2019, and would like to receive the updated versions absolutely free, please reply to this email.

You will need to give me your surname, the name of the e-book you purchased, and the email address with which you purchased it. We will use our transaction logs to reactivate the download links for you, so we need to find you in the logs and then manually reactivate the links. This may take a couple of days, depending on the volume of replies we receive.

Price Freeze until 31 Dec!

When I launched the updated e-books, most of the e-book and bundle prices stayed the same, despite the fact that the e-books have been expanded and revised. For example, my Mega Motor Bundle is now worth $35, but is still at $20 until the end of December!

So if you were thinking about getting the e-books, you may want to purchase before 31 December, when the prices will change to reflect the new revised editions.

Pop on over to my main e-book pages to view my different e-books.

View My Fine Motor E-Books

View My Gross Motor E-Books

What Are The Main Changes?

Core Exercises, Shoulder Girdle Exercises and Bilateral Coordination have been updated with recent research and I have added quite a few additional photographed activities that I think you will enjoy.

Fine Motor Activities used to contain some basic information on pencil grip development etc, but in response to popular demand, I had to create a Pencil Grip E-book that stands alone. My Fine Motor E-book therefore no longer contains the short section on pencil grip, but does contain more fine motor activities, research and information, and remains a valuable resource.

The new Pencil Grip E-Book answers questions about ideal pencil grasps, the stages of pencil grasp development, dysfunctional pencil grips, how to help your child develop a functional pencil grip and more! It also contains a bonus pencil grip checklist to help you evaluate your child’s pencil grip. At $3.50, it is a bargain!

My scissor cutting e-books probably got the biggest overhaul.

My Scissor Skills E-Book contains all the information and photographed activities you need to help your child learn to cut with scissors, and to master scissor cutting.

My Cutting Templates E-Book used to be just 26 pages long. Now it comes in two parts – the first part is 57 pages long, and contains the instructions and templates for a huge range of activities to help your child master scissor cutting. The second part is a compilation of all the templates in different variations (color, black&white, thinner vs thicker lines)

Likewise my Christmas Cutting Templates, have more activities (with photographed instructions and templates) as well as a compilation of all the templates with different variations.

All my e-books also have a more modern look and feel, and I hope they meet the needs of many parents and teachers who are looking to support the kids in their lives.

Please do pass this email on to anyone who will benefit from having these accessible resources at their fingertips. And don’t forget the prices are frozen only until December 31 2019!

All the best as you help the children in your life!

Kind regards,


PS if you received the email regarding the updated e-books, but were too busy to download them at the time, your links may have expired! Please do feel free to ask for the links to be reactivated – I don’t want anyone to miss out!

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