Why I like SBI!
(or how I built this website)

I have had lots of feedback from people all over the world about this website. Some comment on the quality of the information; others comment on the fact that I, a complete computer novice, managed to get a website up “on my own”!

To both of those comments, I have to say – “I owe it all to SBI” – and the rest of this page will tell you why!

First of all, why did I want to build a website?

As a new homeschooling mom who worked part-time outside the home, the thought of being able to be at home “full time” really appealed to me. I wished there was some way of working without having to go out to work and leave my own kids in the care of others. But I had no idea how to do this.

I have a friend with a very successful SBI website in the top 1% worldwide. I could not believe that she, as a homeschooling mom of 5, could build a website from scratch, never mind one that earned her an income!

So my husband and I started to investigate website building. I felt that I could offer something from my years of occupational therapy and working with children, and I started to get excited about sharing what I knew with parents who wanted to hear. Bearing in mind that all my computer literacy skills have been painstakingly acquired on a need-to-know basis over the years, the idea was that my husband would handle the website-building part, and I would just put the information together.

Many nights later, after checking out countless website-builders, we decided that our friend’s SBI was by far the better offer. Not only did it offer all the bells and whistles in one package, but it also offered a money back guarantee. What did we have to lose? (PS SBI have now extended the original 30-day money back guarantee, to whole 90 days! Even if you change your mind after 90 days, you will still be refunded on a pro-rata basis.)

I was also inspired by the stories of other moms who built their businesses from home, and was helped by the service SBI offers in answering the many questions that I had.

So we took the plunge with SBI!

At the same time a couple of my friends also started Wordpress blogs, so it was going to be interesting to see how we all progressed!

Well, it soon became clear that this was going to be a one-man show – there was just no way that I could merely provide the information for my husband to “plug into” a set site design. All the initial work of finding my niche was something that only I could do, as I was the one with the passion for the information I had in my head. So hubby was relegated to supplying endless cups of tea!

Site Build It!

Everything I needed, SBI provided!

What I didn’t know about website building could fill a book, but SBI packaged it into an Action Guide! SBI basically held my hand through their step-by-step Action Guide, which had both text and video versions (with subtitles) to help me over the tricky parts. And for everything else, there’s the Forums! The forums have become a kind of family to me – whatever obstacle I stumble over, there is someone to point me in the right direction. There is even a forum thread dedicated to us work at home moms (WAHM’s) who are building sites in between laundry and wiping noses!

As I write this, many of the pages I have written are in the top 30 of pages found at the Search Engines for those keywords, with quite a few in the top 10. Without SBI’s Brainstorm It and Keyword Analysis, there is no way I would be anywhere in the top 1000 pages! SBI’s incredible tools helped me to research the needs in my niche area, choose my topics and keywords to meet those needs, and guided me in writing well so that those needs would be met.

Some SBI websites earn a lot of money in a short time; mine is one of the slower ones as my niche is very small; however, I started this website with a 2-year plan, and I am halfway there! There are so many ways to earn an income through a website – becoming an affiliate, selling your own e-books (the route I will be taking), and earning money through GoogleAds (which didn’t work for me as my niche is too small and low-paying for ads; however, many others do really well on GoogleAds).

I have built this website in the evenings and over holidays; it has taken some time away from my family, but I believe it will pay off in the years to come.

The reward so far has been the positive and excited feedback from parents and teachers all over the world!

There are no get-rich-quick schemes out there that really work; but if you put in the hard work, you will reap rewards.

What about blogging?

Blog or Build an SBI! Site
Some of my friends have tried blogs. If your skills lie in newsblogging or commentating on a specific niche then a blog on something like Wordpress could work well for you.

But if you have information you want to share, that you feel passionate about, that you think others can benefit from, then SBI could be the better option for you.

A blog gives you the latest news, it is like a newspaper article. Looking for information in most blogs can be like sifting through a pile of old newspapers. I personally find it very frustrating trying to find information in a blog!

On the other hand, a focused website is more like a valuable resource book that gives you the information you need in a more accessible way that never goes out of date. As a business, the focused website is much, much better than a blog.

Not having used Wordpress myself, I can only refer you to this article which compares SBI and Wordpress.

But I digress!! Back to my opening heading...

Why do I like SBI?

SiteSell Twitter

SBI is a real All-In-One package – not lots of individual charges that add up. If you are already a computer geek you might want to add a few bells and whistles at your own cost but everything you see on my site, all the features that I built were built with SBI, and only with SBI!

The ropes of site building are laid out for you in an indepth Action Guide (which also has video guides for the visual learners among us) so you can really focus your time and energy in building your business and not in figuring out website jargon!

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

They have also made it easier for many by making a monthly payment an option, instead of the standard yearly payment.

Bottom line, without SBI, you would not have found my site, or benefited from the information I had to offer. And the information would not have been as focused and helpful as it is (I hope!) without the advice and guidelines that SBI offers.

So, SBI, thank you for inspiring me
and making this site possible!!

PS. This is the page where I asked questions about SBI before I made my final decision. SBI have staff who are dedicated to answering questions that you may have. Try them!

Site Build It!

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